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Celebrities Who Took Other Celebrities’ Virginities

We all remember our firsts. It’s something should all cherish. However, some cherish theirs more than others. These celebrities may feel more tied to their firsts because they’re celebrities. That’s right: some people wait until their with other celebrities to lose their V-card. So take a look at some celebrities who grabbed their boos’ virginities.

Jay Z – Allegedly he took Beyonce’s virginity.

Justin Timberlake – He took Britney Spears’ virginity even though she swore she was a virgin until marriage.

Nick Lachay – Jessica Simpson waited until she was married…that’s when Nick Lachay took her precious virginity.

Justin Bieber-He took Selena Gomez’s virginity and broke hearts across America.

Bow Wow – It’s been long rumored that Bow Wow took Ciara and Angela Simmons’ virginity but that’s up for debate.

Jake Gyllenhaal – He took Taylor Swift’s virginity. That’s right.

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Macaulay Culkin – He took Mila Kunis’ virginity. Read that again. Now cry.

Lil Wayne – According to rumors, Lil Wayne took her virginity when he got her pregnant. Whoa.

R. Kelly – He took Aaliyah’s virginity and…probably a lot of other undera- never mind.

Brandon Jennings – He allegedly took Teyanna Taylor’s virginity even though she maintained she was a virgin.


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