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Beyonce And Jay Z Win ‘Drunk In Love’ Lawsuit

Beyonce and hubby Jay Z have a reason to be “all night” tonight. The billionaire couple just won that lawsuit that accused them of sampling a Hungarian artist without her permission.

Per MusicTimes:

On Friday (Dec. 17), Manhattan Supreme Court judge Cynthia Kern dismissed that lawsuit on what seemed like technical grounds, saying that “Drunk in Love” is a “constitutionally protected work of art” and thus is not held accountable to the New York Civil Rights Law. The law protects a “name, portrait, picture or voice used for advertising or trade purposes without written consent” but doesn’t seem to cover art or something used not for advertising or trade.

The use of “Drunk in Love” for promo purposes for Jay Z and Beyoncé’s On the Run HBO special wasn’t enough for the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Mitsou claims that Beyoncé and Jay Z used her vocals from her 1997 cover of the traditional folk song “Gypsy Life on the Road” for “Drunk in Love.” Indeed, her vocals can be heard quite prominently throughout the opening bars of the song and they continue through the rest of the five-and-a-half minute Beyoncé single.

Sounds like Mitsou’s lawyers fcked up because The Carters DID use the sample without her permission, but Mitsou went the Civil Rights Law route and lost. Oh well!



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