Prince’s After Party

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Despite the fact that he will have to undergo surgery to replace his hip, Prince had a post-Academy Awards party at his crib that just finished a few hours ago. A source tells us that the party was sick and Prince was performing with Stevie Wonder and Diddy.

Here are some pics from the party:

Damn, Sanaa is looking good as hell these days.

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  • Cage

    Sanaa is BANGIN…



  • NotoriousOne

    Sup CAGE…I see we flowin’ w/ the same thought process. Sanaa is definitely FIYAH!! Christina don’t look too bad either.

  • Lady Architect


  • Cage

    @ Notorious: Whats good fam you know great minds think alike.. Tryin to maintain composure in here with all this heat they puttin up lol

  • Da French Nukka

    sanaa lathan is the bomb! too many beautiful black girls in the US man, it is so “unfir”!!! (tears fallin’ down like that football player…by the way what’s his name fellas??)

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    Good thing Stevie-boy is blind…

  • Brooklyn Bombshell

    sanaa always looks great… and with minimal make up and minimal effort…

  • Southern Belle 225

    Prince having his hip replaced? Did I miss something?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Sanaa looks beautiful as usual!

  • andrea

    i’m going to need sanaa’s dress. thanks.

  • lee lee

    I wanna see a picture of Prince.

    Sanaa is flawless.

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Cage…

    Yeah they definitely bringin’ the fiyah this morning. It’s all good for a Monday though. And you know they gonna fizzle out by the end of the week. LOL

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Sanaa is always beautiful.

  • T-Real (Ain't he some gorgeous eye candy?)

    Sanaa is keeping herself up

  • Vinandi

    Sanaa is the most beautiful, natural and healthy sista in hollyweird! Dammmn! ( then Nia Long).

    Her fashions on point! her hair is hooked up!

    She is constantly making it rain on them hoes!!

  • Vinandi

    FYI- the pale woman with Stevie- is British Oscar winner Tilda Swinton. She’s crazy as hell, never wears make up, married to 69 year old,has an open marriagge and a 22 year old Latino toyboy!!

  • Silk Hickey

    Sanaa. . .I LOVE YOU. . .and could I use your toothbrush?

  • NotoriousOne

    DAAAYUUMMM, Vinandi…thanks for all the info. Can’t be mad at her ol’ swag game. LOL

    Ol’ lady grippin’ that Oscar like THAT is her toyboy!! LOL

  • bree

    only 5 people went to the party?..Sanaa looks gorgeous as always

  • Vinandi

    @ notorious

    no probs!! I am fountain of useless/useful info!!

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Vinandi…

    Right about now that info is priceless cause I’m sure NO ONE knew who the fugg that lady was. Everybody HOPING that it wasn’t Stevie’s date! LOL

  • Ibn


    LMAO I think im still on the purple rain…prince gotta get a hip replacement WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT…

  • Wenzel Dashington

    @ lbn

    All those years of knockin supermodel’s backs out finally caught up to Prince. I hope his basketball game doesn’t suffer.

  • Stringer Bell

    I would drink Sanaa Lathans bathwater!!

    Real Talk!!

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