F**k That McRib: R.Kelly Walks Out Of His Interview With HuffPostLive But You Won’t Believe Why…

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R.Kelly Walks Out Of His Interview With HuffPostLive

R.Kelly signed up to do an interview with HuffPostLive‘s Caroline Modarraessy-Tehrani about his upcoming album The Buffet but things fell apart as fast as you thought it would.

According to Complex reports the pied piper was fed up with the interview…

R. Kelly was on the set of HuffPostLive for an interview today and things did not go according to plan. From the jump, the whole thing was uncomfortable as host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani attempted to question Kelly about past accusations of sexual assault , which he found to be “disrespectful.” Tehrani was simply asking fan-submitted questions and Kelly was not cooperating.

Things got to the point where Kelly spoke over everything Tehrani attempted to say. The interview then abruptly ended after only a few minutes with Kelly walking off of the set while she continued to ask him about his past. He said he thought the interview was an interrogation and that he wanted to talk about his new album, Buffet, which dropped earlier this month.

Kelly even began to directly question Tehrani, and tried to equate her drinking in her free time to what he does when he’s not in the studio. “This is about tryin to interrogate me, and this is about disrespect, and I’m going to sit here, but I’m not going to be disrespected,” Kelly said.

Is this guy serious?!

R.Kelly said he was going to go to eat at McDonald’s and hoped the McRib was out. Only a sexual predator would enjoy eating the McRib and walk out of an interview like this…


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