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- By Bossip Staff

The King of Pop has died at 50: R.I.P. Michael Jackson

MJ’s Personal Doctor May Have Killed the King: Doctor Wanted by One-Time

Bossip Rides on Fat Fairy: Gordo-Maricon Called Out About Being Reckless With Michael

Coons of The Week: Hurricane Chris performs “Halle Berry” at Legislature

Who Looked Like More of a Sell-Out: Kendra and Hank Baskett VS Kim and Reggie Bush

Tina Knowles is Trying to Get Her Groove Back: Mathew Knowles Gets the Boot From Tina

TI is Sick of Jail Already: TI Catches Deadly Virus in the Pen???

Chris Brown Cops a Plea: No Time For Chris Brown’s Crime

In White Folks News: Kate and John Gosselin’s File For Separation

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  • Truth be told

    This is a great picture of Mike as God created him.

  • Zina (The Original Princess)

    What a beautiful picture. Rest in Peace

  • bcan

    wonderful picture : ) RIP Mike

  • Re

    WOW! What a great picture…

  • Bottom Black Beauty

    I love this picture. It’s so wonderful how his little sister looked up to him. That’s what it is all about… (Family Matters!)

  • ME 2

    Beautiful picture, she is looking at him like he is the best thing since sliced bread….how sweet!

  • Choocolate Dude

    LOVE THE PIC. He was such a nice looking guy!!!!

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