D-List Rack Attack

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Shar Jackson and some other D-List broads with bad rack jobs hit up the The 18th Annual Night of 100 Stars Awards last night in LA. That Tracy Bingham chick needs to step away from the knife, she is looking real bad (see thumbnail below).

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  • Lisa

    Tracey is a mess, but that big ass rock on her finger isn’t. She is the whitest black girl!

  • http://site.gravatar.com/images/files/thumbs/315837.gif?617420 The Brown Bornet

    OmaGrossa is about the ugliest sister on TV.

    She’s about the worst thing to happen to Black women since Ike Turner…

  • tanisha

    ummm shar please cover the boobs no one wants to see the stretch marks. what the hell is happening. all that money and she cant get a sylist?

  • http://site.gravatar.com/images/files/thumbs/315837.gif?617420 The Brown Bornet

    Why come Tracey looks like she been kissin the Heat Mizer? Lips look all swole up.

    Shery Lee Ralph should have never played a transexual on Barbershop. She looks more and more manly to me everytime I see her.

  • http://mahoganyonthereal.wordpress.com Southern Belle 225

    All that child support money she getting from K-Fed must be getting put to good use on the kids. Kudos to her for doing the right thing. However. Hey Shar, splurge a little and get the following:

    1. Better Weave. I mean WTF is that on your head?

    2. Better style (in clothes)

    3. Better support for those big ole tickets!

    She isn’t a bad looking girl, she just looks cheap and thrown away. SO SAD!

  • http://mahoganyonthereal.wordpress.com Southern Belle 225

    Someone please alert Traci Bingham that she isn’t a white girl!

  • andrea

    i don’t know why, but shar annoys me just looking at her.

  • Jack Tripper

    Main’ she looks a little Aretha Franklin-esque in a younger tone…


  • andrea

    aww don’t call sheryl a broad! the only broad i see here is tracy bingham. she’s a pretty girl but her attitude and self hatred suck to the highest degree.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    I like Sheryl but az for the rest of these chicks they look a mess!

    Shar really needs to do something with herself ASAP!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Man, folks need to realize that big ass titties ain’t for everybody. Shar looks a damned mess.

  • I'm Just Me

    Who is Tracey Bingham???

    I think Shar is pretty but i am not impressed with how she looked at all.

  • bronxgirl

    Shar, the weave looks tragic. Stop letting the students at your local beauty school do your hair – at least not on Oscar night. It’s a shame because Shar has a pretty face but she just can’t seem to get it together. She could have made that whole Britney/K-Fed shameful fiasco work to her advantage by always being picture ready. By now she should have figured out a way to share in K-Fed’s Britney money. Shar, get it together!

  • bree

    Shar needs to comb her hair and wear a bra.

    Omarosa needs to put the maroon lipstick down.

    Tracy needs to stop waxing her lip and getting injections on the same day.

    Sheryl needs a new make-up artist.

    I like everybody’s dress except Shar’s

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Southern Belle…

    I can always count on you to bust me up ova’ hea. LMBAO @ “Better support for those big ole tickets!”

    @ Mohgany…

    I was tryna hold it in w/ Southern Belle’s comments and her you come along w/ “Who the hell let Shar into the constellation…………….I guess her name is almost star so that counts???????”

    Y’all killin’ me!! CTFU!

  • NotoriousOne

    P.S. As much as they dog Amorosa, you gotta give her credit for stretching the ISH outta her 15 minutes! Not only that but she TRY to stay in the A-list limelight.

  • Don King

    @ Southern, if anything, she needs to take that bra off. Yeah!!!!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Shar got those t-t’s from her babies…everybody like D’s — just too much for that dress. Shar needs to find the right kind of dresses and accessorize some and get her hair done before going out so that she won’t have that look like she’s trying on clothes –at the event.


  • kim

    When did Omarosa move up to the D-List?????

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Shery Lee Ralph needs a fresh perm.

  • VicKaLiCiouS

    Shar didn’t need to wear that dress. I’m glad she’s normal and ish, but them titties are too big for that particular dress. She forcing D’s in a dress made for B’s.

  • Eye

    They all look a mess.

  • Don King

    Them titties boy I swear.

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    ^^^^I meant SMDH!!!!

  • SMDH

    “Tracey is a mess, but that big ass rock on her finger isn’t. She is the whitest black girl!”

    Yeah – she’s about to marry a white man who takes very good care of her!!! If only more blacck men could do the same..

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