Hov Shuts Down Breezy’s BET Performance

- By Bossip Staff

A Bossip reader dropped a dime about Breezy’s absence from the MJ tribute at last night’s BET Awards show. Hov threatened to pull out of the show if Breezy stepped anywhere near the BET stage.

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Chris had been rehearsing and everything and Jay-Z pulled the plug on him single-handedly because everyone (record label, execs, etc) gave BET the ok for Chris to perform. I know as a fan of Michael’s I was disappointed because even though Chris is going through all that mess with Rhi-Rhi he is a Great performer and he will never be Michael Jackson but he is the most like him right now.

Damn Breezy, you never thought your drama with RiRi would end like this, right? You need to fall back and lay low for a while.

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  • Acacia

    Now wait a minute Jay….


    HOV’S performance was spectacular. Not a big Jay-Z fan but that song was right on time. Do u think some of the people in the audience heard him. lol

  • yeah!!

    Get Em Hov!!

  • Acacia

    LOL LOL @ Hannibals pimp

  • HarlemWorld

    That’s wack… anybody ever seen that clip of Jay mushin’ the ish out of some chick with both hands… This story better be fabricated!

  • Tara


  • sunshine

    hov is dirty 4 that. chris is the closest thing to michael right now, and everyone cannot deny it! who the hell is hov???? u aint even pay tribute u just wanted to get some shine 4 urself since u aint on top no more. step back old man and know your place!

  • nikko

    whaaaaaaaaaaa???? dam hov u could of at least let him stay for mj

  • G-Money

    WOW!!! That is sooo wack on Jay’s part!!! I am a devout JaY Z fan but I was looking forward to Chris Brown doing his thing in honor of MJ…Jay you really need to fall back and let this kid get on with his life and career…your death of the auto tune performance was lackluster at best and you have had your chance to shine…it wasnt about Chris or YOU it was in honor of Michael Jackson and for that your camel azz should be boo’d for your next performance….people looked forward to that performance…and nobody couldve done it better than Chris Brown…Jay you just “lost one”…

  • soulwoman

    lol. Whatever. Jay didn’t pull nobody from the show.

  • Ash

    I like Hov, but I think in a situation like last night Breezy would have had a better performance. It would have been great for TV also. But then media would have been focused more on Breezy performing (bc it would have been his first big performance since the beatdown) then a tribute to Michael Jackson. Hov and Bey think they can call all the shots. And it looks like they are. I didnt like Beyonce’s performance anyway. She thinks she is is gods gift to earth. She’s old news.

  • lee

    hell it was not about JAY-Z it was about M.J n jay-z was not all that last night

  • tb

    I was waiting for CB to come out and kill it. I tell you haters!

  • mickysweets


  • JUDY

    Look at that Jay-Z is pulling a Matthew Knowles. I see those Knowles are training him well.

  • Tlov

    I was not about Chris and his music!!! It was a tribute to MJ!! Jay is a punk for that. But BET is even worse for that!!

    I am looking forward to the MTV Awards. They will do it right …I hope!!

  • WhoaBs

    If Don Cornelius could be there, why shouldn’t Chris??? When it comes to domestic abuse, Don is a MULTIPLE OFFENDER!! http://www.nydailynews.com/news/us_world/2008/11/14/2008-11-14_don_cornelius_of_soul_train_to_be_charge.html

  • L



  • Ian P

    Well thats too bad chris….. Thats kinda selfish of Jay- Z but oh well none of my business

  • http://bigmommacash.com moodyu

    Thats crazy,I was really looking to see Chris perform

  • Tori

    Cuz Jay has never done anything wrong in his lifetime……give me a freaking break. Chris has to eat too.

  • No he didn't

    Camel has some nerve. Had it not been for MJ and the rest of the fam he’d still be sitting on milk crates in Marcy and you mean to tell me he couldn’t be a man long enough to put his personal grudges aside for a night.

  • SJ

    So I can blame Jay for this f-uped show! Thanks, I’ll include him in my letter to Debra Lee this morning.

    That show was filled with foolishness…and they called that a tribute.

  • My Love is Like...........

    I wish that they would have dropped both “B” and Big lip Camel from the show. Both of them were WACK. I would have loved to see Chris Brown do a REAL tribute to MJ. These HO singing in spanish in a wedding dress!!!!!! What the F**K was that about? You married a CAMEL get over it……..

  • http://bigmommacash.com moodyu

    The show was ok, Chris would have turned it out.


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