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Radio Host Warns Americans That Hillary Clinton Will Make Children Gay

Some of these conservative/GOP type folks have absolutely NO shame about the s#!t that comes out of their mouths.

According to RightWingWatch, Colorado past Kevin Swanson declared that allowing Hillary Clinton to take residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. would ensure that your son becomes the next E.J. Johnson and your daughter become the next Ellen Degeneres.

On his “Generations Radio” program yesterday, Swanson said that although he was “severely mocked” for his remarks at the conference, it is true that America must repent or God will punish the nation through the election of Hillary Clinton, who will in turn lead “tremendous majorities of American kids” down “the track towards homosexuality” and other sexual sins.

Swanson goes on to say:

The only way to save America, he said, is to keep enough kids out of public schools, which are teaching them to be “polytheists and socialists” and to get enough Americans to repent, otherwise God will fail to “have mercy on this nation” and allow Clinton to be elected president.

If America fails to repent, he asked, “Why wouldn’t Hillary Clinton get full rein upon this nation to continue the destructive pattern, destroy the social fabric of the nation — the family, of course — so that of course there will be 75 percent of kids born outside of wedlock to single mothers by the year 2030, so to be sure that tremendous majorities of American kids are taken down the track towards homosexuality, towards the destruction of sexuality with pornography habits, illegitimate divorce, the shack-up rates being 30 times what they were in 1970 and so forth?”

With all the problems the church has had with the sexual assault of children…

Just sayin’.

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