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Kandi Burruss Blasts Phaedra Parks For Not Paying Hubby Todd $8500

Why hasn’t Phaedra paid Todd Tucker the final installment for producing her workout video back in 2013??

In last night’s episode of RHOA, Phaedra Parks finally decided to chat with Todd about her outstanding balance for her workout DVD. Shady Pha played nice with Todd but to the camera she joked that “his weekly allowance from Ms. Kandi isn’t keeping him afloat anymore.”

According to US Magazine reports:

When Todd presented Phaedra with documents that indicated that she still owed him just under $8,500 for his work, she argued that at the time he asked for the final payment her (now) ex-husband, Apollo Nida, was going to jail and she had to focus on her family and her health (i.e. and not paying her bills).

“Phaedra can’t pay me because she’s a single mother? Come on! Get out of here!” Todd laughed to the camera. “Cut the check and stop playing.”

Despite their snappy side comments, they did seem to reach some understanding of what still needed to be done for the project to be complete. Todd reportedly felt better even though Phaedra didn’t actually pay him anything yet — though his feelings may change if he realizes that it’s not clear she ever intends to do so. “It’s my name on this video, so I’ll be the one to say when it’s done and then Todd can get his check,” she cooed to the camera with a smile.

Kandi took to her Instagram after the show aired and blasted for her shady friend for dodging her husband for years:

In 2015 My husband @todd167 had 3 shows that he was executive producer on to air on 3 different networks. People lie but credits don't. Check the credits! We're trying to move past this petty bs about this workout DVD but it's always tough to watch the drama play out today over things we've supposedly worked out already. I just want to make things clear for people who are watching this episode of RHOA. My husband is great at what he does & he's been successful at it. People always talk shit on this show but I hate when they try to discredit him with lies. Let me just clear up something for y'all. Todd & Phaedra talked years ago when she was pregnant with Dylan about him helping her with production for her pregnancy DVD. He was doing it as a friend because he said they could do it way cheaper than the company she worked with on her 1st workout DVD. She approved the budget & she paid the first 2 payments but never paid the third for whatever reason. This was well before Apollo went to jail. Todd sent final invoice emails but there was just excuses & no payment. I told him not to worry about it & give her time. But now years have passed. You know how it is when you have a friend who owes you money but they come around with new shit all the time but never mentions your money… That's why he was irritated. So to everyone who is coming at us in the chat box saying my husband waited for her husband to go to jail to ask for his money as if he was scared to ask, that is absolutely not true. He's was asking long before. Just never got all his money. Simple…. And Todd was never being mean or disrespectful to her. He always remained cordial. The video was shot & finalized in 2013. She was suppose to give him the photo she wanted to put on the DVD menu & final payment back then…. It's 2016 people. I hope this gives y'all some clarity. #NoShade #AllFacts

A photo posted by Kandi Burruss (@kandiburruss) on Jan 3, 2016 at 6:03pm PST

When will Phaedra finally make good on her promise to pay Todd back???



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