Him Mad: Murder Inc. Exec Irv Gotti Says VH1’s “The Breaks” Is Disrespectful To Hip-Hop Culture

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Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti Is Butt-Hurt Over VH1’s New Movie “The Breaks”

Last night, VH1 premiered their 2-hour film (and possible new TV series) “The Breaks”. The story chronicles New York hip-hop culture in the early 90’s as rap music fights to become a legitimate mainstream genre of music.

The film is set, in part, in the borough of Queens. The home of one Irving Domingo Lorenzo, Jr. aka Irv Gotti, co-founder of the Murder Inc. record label which housed both Ja Rule and Ashanti.

Apparently Gotti is none-too-pleased with the way his storied borough was depicted and took to Instagram to rant about it.

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Watching this Breaks Shit on Vh1. 1st off I didn't like the commercials they was running playing the Bridge is Over and the part where KRS says Queens Keeps on Faking it!! So now when I'm watching this watered down bullshit which is pissing me off cause they are not portraying Hip Hop Culture accurately!! But they still making my Borough look soft. Let me tell y'all something. I'm from that Purple Part in the pic I posted. And listen. Ain't nothing weak or soft about QB. And not only that @Vh1. QB has produced more superstar Rappers in hip hop than any other borough or place in the world for that matter. Shit looks like someone who doesn't know shit about our culture made this shit. And usually I would have kept quiet. But after the commercial and me watching this bullshit shit on my Borough. I had to post something. And to all my Hip Hop Culture people out there. That wants to see REAL depiction of OUR CULTURE. Sit tight. I'm on my way!! And I'm not a hater. At all. None of that is in my DNA. I love to see niggas win. But your not gonna disrespect QB. #queensgetthemoney #murderinctvseries Making Hip Hop look fucking Lame man. #gotmepissed #visionaryideas #wecomingmotherfuckers

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Kinda sounds like Irv is only mad because Tristan Wilds character was a shook kid/producer named DeeVee who wasn’t very gangsta. Is THAT the only thing hip-hop has to offer? Gangstas? SMH.

What did YOU think of “The Breaks”? If VH1 makes a series out of it like “Being Mary Jane” and “Hit The Floor” would you tune in to watch every week?

Not everyone in the hip-hop community was as bitter and salty as Irv. Flip it over to see the reactions from some of the culture’s veterans.

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