New Study Shows Obsession With Obesity Is Really About Beauty And Not Health

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The New York Times reports, the Journal of the American Medical Association has reviewed data from several epidemiological studies determining the correlation between body mass and mortality risk. The recent study, led by Katherine M. Flegal and associates at the Center For Diseases Control found that adults who were categorized as overweight and obese actually have lower mortality risks than those whose weight are categorized as “normal.” Times reporter Paul F. Campos said of the study: “If the government were to redefine normal weight as one that doesn’t increase the risk of death, then about 130 million of the 165 million American adults currently categorized as overweight and obese would be re-categorized as normal weight instead…”

Startup Offers Videos That Teach Men How To Make You Orgasm

If your guy is like many men and is struggling to get you across the finish line during your intimate moments, perhaps you should consider putting him on to OMGYes. The startup company offers a service that provides men (or anyone looking to learn more about the female anatomy) with videos that take the mystery out of female pleasure. For a one-time fee of $39, subscribers receive access to 47 short tutorials—some are even interactive and “touchable”—that offer instruction on arousing women… After pouring over the experiences of 2,000 women whose ages range between 18 and 95, OMGYes founders and researchers with Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute compiled a database of tricks and techniques that have helped women to achieve orgasms.

Rebooted Voltron TV Series Coming To Netflix

This will certainly bring a smile to the faces of 80’s babies. Voltron is getting the reboot (“reimagining”) treatment not as a live action movie but a new cartoon TV series on Netflix. Reports io9: The instant DreamWorks Animation acquired Classic Media’s stable of animated properties in 2013, it started talking about a Voltron reboot. Given the decade(!) of talk about a live-action Voltron movie, most people generally assumed DreamWorks would also be making a film. Apparently not! A new deal between DWA and Netflix confirms that the timeless story of five color-coded lion robots and the giant, sword-winging form they join to form will now be an animated series, not a mere movie, theoretically debuting on the streaming service at some point later this year. It will be joined by its fellow cartoon Trollhunters…

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