Phaedra Parks Claps Back At Kandi Burruss For “Attacking Her Character” Over Todd Tucker Paycheck Drama

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Phaedra Parks Explains Refusing To Pay Todd Tucker

The $8500 drama between Phaedra, Kandi, and Todd continues. Once Kandi blasted Phaedra after Sunday night’s episode revealed Shady Pha-Pha taking jabs at her hubby Todd — attacking his production career and accusing him of “searching for cash under couch cushions” for asking her to pay up — Phaedra went on the defensive, explaining why she still doesn’t exactly feel like she owed the full amount the Tuckers were pressuring her for.

Via Phaedra’s Bravo Blog:

The issue of me owing money to Todd Tucker for production of a prenatal workout video has gotten completely misrepresented and needlessly become the source of harsh feelings. Let me set the record straight for those who lack the necessary rudiments. First of all, this business matter is between TTucker Productions and Nida Fitness. Nida Fitness is co-owned by me and my husband. Nida Fitness hired TTucker Productions to produce a prenatal fitness video. Post-production on the video was never completed and therefore the final payment was not made. The project has been in limbo. It is disconcerting to see that Todd opted to discuss the matter with everyone, except the business owners of Nida Fitness; thereby turning this business matter into a personal attack and assault on my character. After I became aware that this matter was circulating the rumor mill, as a professional businesswoman, I invited Todd to come to my office to discuss. In good faith, I wrote him a check for half of the outstanding balance. Presently, I am still waiting on the final cut. Upon receipt of a commercially acceptable, finished product, I will cut the final check. Everybody knows that the final payment follows the final deliverable.

Hmmm. Phaedra DID say during the episode that she’ll be the final determiner of whether or not the product is satisfactory enough for Todd to get his cash. At this rate who knows when — or IF — that standard will ever be met?

Phaedra may have a new man and two more kids before that day comes…


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