Bad Girl Gone Good?

- By Bossip Staff

RiRi and Santigold were seen at Philippe Chow getting their grub on yesterday. Funny that Rihanna would choose to wear something sweet and innocent after she chopped down Rashard Lewis.

Pop it to see Rihanna go from good girl to high priced escort as she hits up 1 Oak last night…

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  • * i am royalty *


  • Nique

    Not feeling this get-up…Looks like she should be wearing that on an island or something

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax


  • Nah.

    What’s sweet and innocent about some booty shorts with a sheer white top to show her bright orange bra?

  • Nique

    Oh and the other pic looks like she is dressed as a stewardess on a spaceship! WTF?

  • Ocean

    all the same- she looked good in that black and white- cannot take away the fact that her fashion is off the charts- noone comes close to her fashion game- she should stick to modelling

  • Lies and Bullshit

    she on her MJ steeze real hard. I wonder if these newbies are gonna really try to jack Michael now, that he is no longer… all Rihann has to do is wait for Prince to kick the bucket… and her steeze will be “original” to the under 21 crowd, hufff

  • lala land

    Her fashion game is too serious!!! Best dressed in the biz.

  • tb

    Perhaps I’m old, but nothing she wears looks good. She is always trying to damn hard!

  • Kami All Day


    LOL…she looks okay most times that I’ve seen her.

    Like Kanye said….”his limelight is EXTRA bright”…well, so is Rhianna’s!

    But I feel you though. I dont think that I could rock most of what she puts down, but she does stay on point, I have to give her that!

  • Back On My Swag

    I hate the shoulder pad look but I am loving that black & white jacket. I would rock the hell out of that outfit…*sigh*…I really hate to admit that.

  • mz.cee ♥


    Things that make you say hmmmm, for real!
    Cuz all this heffa do, is stay changing clothes!

  • Moving on...

    She’s wearing a pair of gloves…her tribute? wow

  • Sucker Free

    damn this chic is fly! her stylist deserves an award.

    she rocking the white church gloves no less. is she about to serve communion?

  • K

    I agree with you Sheila E. I’m sick of seeing this chick prancing around like nothings wrong when she knows she F*****up CB’s career. She knows they were fighting but she won’t tell b/c she is too afraid to be prosecuted for perjury. Lying B****. I can’t stand her.

  • Well....alright

    SANTIGOLD!!!! Santi’s music and creativity is waayyy better than Rihanna’s! Thief “Rihanna” completely ripped off FeFe Dobson.

  • The Lime

    Her feet dem must be happy to be flat on the ground….but Im not feelin dem shoes……

    Check out your fave Caribbean celebs on The Lime:Fresh News Everytime!

  • Sucker Free

    didn’t i see this outfit on the Jetsons?

    she bringing the dorothy hamill hairdo back TOO

  • Sharie

    She is sooooo not relevant. Her 15 minutes of fame is OVER. She knows how to keep u stans salivatin at the mouth just wear some outfit with some shoes and OMG she’s the 2nd coming of Christ- Bit#h plz. Could care less…..

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP! (R.I.P. to "The King of Pop")

    Angel by day, devil by night, lol…

    She’s in desperate need of counceling.

  • bored

    @Sharie you said it.

    What a waste, no talent nowhere in them clothes… Just walks around getting a daily dose of dope from her stans. She needs this to be relevant, goes back to the hotel and sobs after reading the same comments over and over.

    No talent, cant sing, Looks somewhat crazy now, always in the public eye, needs to go take singing lessons and so on….

    From now on when you see a post about Rihanna, just come in and say she looks nice and move on….Cause nothing is going to change she still will not be able to sing a note…Thanks to AUTOTUNE or AUTOTONE, Jay must have been upset when he came up with this one cause she will be the main one hurt if they do away with it..

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    I sure will be glad when this no talent having chicks 15 minutes of fame are up.

  • STARcasm

    first off…ugh Rashard Lewis??? Rashard Lewis????? LMFAO. What’s wrong with the girl? Lewis gets dissed down this way hahahaha.

    I love the way she is jackin’ Michael’s style already. But when you’re bad like Mike, Aaliyah, etc., I suppose it’s a compliment.

    I don’t have a problem with Rhi per say, but she needs to re=evaluate her actions. (Rashard????)

  • soulwoman

    I think she looks fly in the black/white outfit. She is paying homage to MJ.

  • MH

    All this girl does all day is strut around in clothes and acts like a hoe…ima need a album from her or something…not that she can sing but she needs to do more with her damn time.

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