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Puff Daddy will shower Jenny from the block’s babies with Sean John and gives twins advice:

“She is going to make a great mother. I’m going to send her some Sean John baby clothes. I’m so happy for her. It’s such a blessing. It’s double the love, and it’s also double the crying and the screaming, so it’s a unique blessed situation. It’s a rarity to have twins. She’ll be all right.”

How wonderful, because that’s exactly what those babies need is some Sean John in their lives.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    When is he going to stop talking about this chick?



    I second that……and add….You know you wanted to be them twins daddy…..

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Bird ur so right. For some reason he can’t let this broad go, and he just had twins, but he act like the twins she just had are better?! WTH!

    Yet, Kim deal with this fool!

  • http://www.tajwashington.com Taj

    Funny how BOTH of them had twins; a boy and a girl. I am happy for both of them. I could actually see Jennifer hanging up her film career for this, and it’s not a bad thing.

    I do think Sean needs to be sensitive to the fact that perhaps Marc Anthony doesn’t want anything that is associated with him in the house. After all, that is her ex-man…I’mjussayin’…

  • Vinandi

    Diddy’s just winding up skeletor Anthony!!!

    Hope those twins look like thier mama, not their papa!!

  • Crissy

    It’s a rarity to have twins if it’s natural, that woman was trying to have babies from time plus her age is a factor therefore her twins are most likely IFV (invitro, not natural). All them celebrities are doing it.

  • kai

    He is so obsessed with her. He said he WOULD give her gifts for her marriage and children, but with what intentions? Its ironic they both have twins. Any gift hes givin is with questionable spirits…Shame on diddy…

  • yanib

    I’m sure she and her husband wish he would just go away.


    diddy is feeling salty he wish they were his seeds.

  • Tired

    Diddy is a fool, i dont know why any woman would want him! Jlo is better without him, he cant keep his pee pee in his pants for a second and thats why he has crappy relations

  • BlankCheck

    It’s ironic how they both had a set of twins.

  • Tiara

    Ya are so dramatic!

    Why Diddy gotta be obsessed w/ JLO?

    Why can’t it be that Diddy was on the red carpet for some type of premier and the reporter – knowing that Diddy and JLO are ex’s – asked Diddy about JLO’s babies? Diddy ain’t obsessed, he’s happy for JLO – people let it go!

  • http://site.gravatar.com/images/files/thumbs/315837.gif?617420 Sidney Poitier

    He needs to be more worried about his horrible acting and less about his ex’s babies.

    I loved raisin last night, except when diddy ruined my old role. Couln’t they have gotten Denzel, Wesley or even Terrence Howard? SOmebody who could act.

  • KJB

    Diddy is so obviously willing to do and say anything to stay in the press. Talking about JLo really makes him seem like he even more like a loser. And Kim still dsnt think that Diddy really loved Jennifer.

    SAD…for Kim, The Kids and all the other Diddy Baby Mommas that he never talks about!

  • major


  • Tina Luv

    I bet she didn’t send him and Kim any JLO items or any gift not that Kim would have accepted them. I agree he needs to move ON and put his energy into his own twins.

  • Macho-in-paris-france


    Diddy was on red carpet at Oscar. Press (People magazine) ask him his feelings about his ex jlo’s twins. What would he say ???? If he said nothing, it would sound like he is jealous. I think he played well…making some humour and fun in his response as a gentleman towards his ex girlfriend. Seriously, i don’t understand many girls here? They are like frustrated about anything or take anything with serious. Let be relax please!

  • Jack Tripper

    Diddy just let it go keep your pride main’

  • Macho-in-paris-france

    @ ALL

    After read my first post, i want to ask you:

    What thing is wrong if jlo’s babies wear Sena John clothes? If Diddy sends her a gift, it is well, they are friends. Many guys are friends or have good relationships with their ex. What is the problem in that?

  • TaShA

    @ Macho-in-paris-france

    i already understand that. i’m not not mad at his congratulatory comments…i’m mad at the fact that he needs to send her gifts…4 WHAT??? like someone else said, jlo could give less than a damn about that man and his kids probably don’t even cross her mind. i’m thinking about ALL involved in this situation. what man is going to be ok with his WIFE and his CHILDREN receiving gifts from HER ex??? as a man, would you be ok with that?

  • http://www.freewebs.com/ Andrea_Teria

    shes a latina and she put spells on the Man thats why hes obccessed with her.

    lol I find it funny blk mans dont like blk females truss..blk girls need to go for lightskin men and vise versa

  • TaShA

    “Many guys are friends or have good relationships with their ex. What is the problem in that?”


    just to be real about that, some men are ONLY friends with their exes because they don’t want to get over them…u know that, “have ur cake and eat it 2” symdrome. not all friendship between exes is strictly friendship. sometimes there are still feelings involved. it’s just that one or both have made a decision to no longer be involved in a romantic relationship for various reasons. just because a romantic relationship has ended, doesn’t mean that the romantic FEELINGS have ended.

  • NY2CaliLvn

    this nig*a givin parental advice like he done raised anything he helped create WTF

  • I'm Just Me


    MOVE ON!

  • Jahpson

    all them kids and all them baby mothers and he worried about a woman who never really loved him?

    Diddy, you are clearly sprung. Its 2008..its about time to let go.

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