Fair Or Foul: PETA Uses KKK Member In Ad Blasting “Breedism” In Dogs

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PETA Uses Klansman In Ad Discouraging Purebred Dogs

See now, they may have gone too far with this! What do you think? PETA is using an actor in KKK garb to take shots at the American Kennel Club over encouraging purebred supremacy through “breedism.”

Via NYDailyNews reports:

PETA Senior Director Colleen O’Brien said: “America is a melting pot, and that goes for dogs as well as humans. So showing contempt for ‘inferior’ bloodlines means that millions of lovable dogs will be left to die for lack of homes every year, thanks to the American Kennel Club’s belief in pureblood supremacy.”

Pureblood supremacy??? REALLY DOE?

They’re dead serious y’all.


The animal rights organization says it’s shopping around a new ad that compares visiting an American Kennel Club session with attending a KKK meeting — and liking it.

The thought-provoking spot came the day after the AKC’s announcement that it’s adding two new breeds to its official roster. American hairless terriers and sloughis won the club’s official approval. The American hairless terrier is a kind of rat terrier; the sloughi, a type of slighthound, comes from North Africa. The next day, though, animal activists took aim at the very idea of pure bloodlines for dogs, comparing them with the “master race” concept when it comes to humans.

PETA said Thursday it’s negotiating with advertisers to place the “edgy ad.” The 30-second spot reportedly features a Klan member walking into an AKC meeting. Once he hears that the animal club supports the “sanctity of pure bloodlines” and the concept of a “master race,” the visitor declares, “I think I’m gonna fit right in here.”

The tagline for the ad: “All dogs are created equal. Fight breedism.”

Do you think there is any good in PETA’s message? We always heard that purebred dogs tended to be more prone to illness, but for them to take it this far seems a bit much. The AKC actually has a feature on their website to help people find the breed that best fits their lifestyle.

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