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Fetty Wap Masika pregnant

How soon can they get a paternity test???

Pregnant Model Masika Denies Being Just A Fling With Baby Daddy Fetty Wap

We knew Masika would step forward eventually to tell her side of things. The model and reality actress was a bit perturbed with Fetty’s comments about their situation in a recent interview. In the sit-down Fetty claims that Masika “knew what she was doing” by intentionally being around the Billboard charting artist and clinging to his crew. He also made it seem like they only had relations that night and it was done. One time, which was enough for Masika to secure her golden ticket. He also mentions receiving tips that she was sleeping with multiple men. Now Masika is countering Fetty’s claims. She penned a blog with her version of how things went. Peep an excerpt below.

Ok so going through my comments and I see a lot of people want to know more about my pregnancy. As you probably know by now I’m about 7 months pregnant. Yup only 3 more months to go! (because pregnancy is NOT 9 months its usually 40 weeks which is 10 months **sigh**) But anyway… I choose to keep my pregnancy private for 6 months because well ITS MY PERSONAL BUSINESS. There’s actually several reasons why I kept it to myself, I’ll give you one. Ever since I made my announcement, the idiot corner (including petty wap) has been in their deepest of feelings running a muck all over the internet with their key board thuggery. I have never cared what anyone may say or think about me.. But when it comes to my child you will watch your mouth. Pregnancy is such a hard and emotional time every woman should be able to have peace and support, not to be slandered and stressed out. It’s sad and disgraceful that this is the world we live in today. I decided to speak out because I know that there are so many young women going through what I’m going through right now. And you’re probably feeling alone. You probably can’t figure out why he bailed on you and left you to do all the hard work by yourself. I want to show you that you can be strong and beautiful and be a boss no matter what comes your way. I was in a committed relationship, with a man who initially got me pregnant. This was not how I imagined my life would be. I never wanted to have children before marriage but as an adult I decided to handle my responsibilities like a grown woman while my childs father decided to coward like a dog with its tail between it’s legs. He knows exactly what he did, and what he said yet he wants to make up lies about me. Remember this, people only talk down on you in hopes that others won’t find you appealing. I’m learning to pray for him. He needs it. God already has me covered. Thats all for now.



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