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Bobby Shmurda's mugshot

Bobby Shmurda’s mugshot

Shmurda’s Attorney Comes Out Swinging; Drug Charge Dropped

The lawyer for Bobby Shmurda said NYPD detectives with a history of misconduct repeatedly stopped and frisked the rapper in the run up to his arrest for gang conspiracy.

Alex Spiro said two Brooklyn detectives sued for misconduct targeted Shmurda – real name Ackquille Pollard – with at least three stop and frisks, which turned up nothing.

Spiro wouldn’t name the detectives, but said they’ve been sued in federal court for planting evidence, false arrest and violating arrestee’s fourth amendment rights – and asked the prosecution to hand over police records related to the stops.

“A couple of detectives involved in this case have significant credibility issues,” Spiro said Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court. “I learned these same detectives have been stopping my client for years. Each one of those stop and frisk reports have to be turned over before this case proceeds.”

The lawyer said the detectives actions show that some police may have had it out for the “Hot N***a” rapper.
“It is our position by stopping him and frisking him, and not finding contraband, that absence of evidence is evidence,” Spiro said.

Spiro’s comments came as it was revealed in court that Shmurda’s drug possession charge – stemming from cops finding crack cocaine in a car Shmurda and others were inside – was dropped. But prosecutors still link Shmurda to illegal guns and contend he led the GS9 gang that plagued Brooklyn with drugs and shootings.

Shmurda, dressed in a gray sweater and handcuffed from behind, looked down as his lawyer spoke. He’s been locked up on $2 million bail since Dec. 2014 on felony weapons and gang conspiracy charges.

Outside court, Spiro confirmed he’ll try to spring Shmurda out on bail again when his client is back in court early next week.

Shmurda’s mother, Leslie Pollard told BOSSIP the stop and frisk allegations needed to come out.
“It needs to be heard,” she said. “It’s not only happening to him, but to other kids in the neighborhood.”

Pollard said there was no way her son’s bail would be so high if he wasn’t a rapper with a hit single.
“I want them to start treating him like Ackquille Pollard, not Bobby Shmurda,” Pollard said. “If he was being treated as Ackquille Pollard, he wouldn’t have a $2 million bail.”



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