Breezy and RiRi Sneak Behind the Courts Back

- By Bossip Staff

Breezy and RiRi know they need to stay away from each other. They were court ordered to do so but something tells us that they will hook up again and risk Breezy’s @ss going to jail for violating his probation. The plot thickens. Pop the lid for more

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  • Smoovee Sayz


  • Hannibal


  • Smoovee Sayz

    They each should make up a fake alias and contact each other on myspace/facebook…
    if its that serious

  • BE

    we will see – people break court orders eerday!

  • Soul Touch

    Tell Be

  • Soul Touch


    Tell IT Be

  • Kayla

    Nothing wrong with being friends.(Forgive and Forget)

  • tb

    Well, if he a fool…let him keep being a fool (if these pics are recent). That’s why he took the blame for what went down that nite…he must be putting it on his ass!

  • Mason Betha

    What was the point of this blog?

  • Melanie

    Something tells me the only person who is hard on to find out if they are contacting each other is Chris’ probation officer and even then I still dont believe this story because Rihanna’s lawyer said she doesn’t need the stay away order because of the nature of her and Chris’ relationship in the past not because they wanna be friends now.

    Plus Chris is not the only one who could go to jail over this, Rihanna could go to jail as well because if she sees him she is causing him to violate his probation purposely.

    If its true then I’m just going to say that they are young and dumb and should not be trying to push the courts Chris could end up getting 4 years for this just wait til aug 5th and see where it goes.

  • bored

    That should have not been in the plot anyway, how you going to tell someone you cant see them anymore?

    That’s what is going to eat Rihanna up, she knows her part in this mess and it is tearing her up that her and Chris cant get back together like they did just hours after it happen. It was her fault and she knows it and that’s why she did not want him to do jail time. I truly belive she is hurting because of that one simple order, stay away from her love and that’s what he truly is her love… But because of her lie in this, that’s what she gets! Walking around trying to stay sane, because of her stupid actions..

  • wifey06

    chris stay away– everything has already been one sided as it is. Don’t mess up your life. you can have of them hoes you want!!!

  • Sunrise

    Well, it would keep the story interesting for all involved.

  • Lady L

    @bored, and @ wifey06, i totally agree with you guys. and while jay-z and covergirl kept him from the show at BET, do they know thier precious RIRi didn’t even want the order of protection. Rhianna know she played a big part in what happened the night of that alleged attack, and i think Jay-Z is just jealous that he couldn’t be with Rhianna publically like Chris could. i really believe Jay- secretly wants to really be with Rhianna.


    singing *you could be cutty cutty buddy for sho* lol

  • OsOlovely1

    this is so dumb!! how ca a female be so dumb to go back! even if they r just friends if he disrespected her like that in the beginning obviously he didnt give a damn about her so y is he trying to patch things up now? GET A BACKBONE RIHANNA!!

  • HONI001

    hmmmmm…. they are in the same industry so they will see each other eventually………

    So will Sharpton and JayZ….demand they stay away from each other now???

  • Eshaneua

    That looks like a picture that they took long ago when in a club about a year ago. I distintly remember seeing this picture.

  • wow

    thats @ wifey06 and bored as well

  • wow

    @ wash ya ass

    um can you speak english, thanks

  • Daphne

    That’s because they never broke up & they’re sick of hiding it.

  • bobbi

    maybe they both think the order is ridiculous because they’ve moved on and don’t want see each other???? hmmm….

  • AvaSpeaks

    @ wow

    Here’s the thing. Sometimes a situation can be what it appears to be, and sometimes it’s not.

    As you stated, sometimes an abuse victim will go back over and over. Now here’s the rub, if she gets beat up again? The public will leave her alone, because in her eyes, she shouldn’t have gone back with him or anybody else that beats her up.

    Also, you may see it as abuse, but her brother who has been hit numerous times by her, including the glass bottle fiasco, he might and her family and friends might have a different take on things.

    I’m just saying that this situation is not as clear cut as some people make it to be. That’s my gut feeling but I can be wrong as hell.

  • yup


  • Puffin

    well if the two of them are too dumb to stay away from each other then I hope the stay away order stands and the judge enforces it to the fullest. CB doesn’t even deserve to breath the same air as RiRi. he’s a violent animal and belongs in a cage…and Rihanna…I really hope she’s not that dumb, it would be such a shame to find out she doesn’t have a single working brain cell. every time she misses that animal she should log onto TMZ and take a good look at that picture of her busted face…to remind her of the “good times” that stupid prick can be replaced by a Rabbit and 4 AA batteries. and this picture is SO OLD!!!

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