One Child Found Alive After Plane Crash…Second Airbus Crash In a Month!

- By Bossip Staff

Another plane went down off the coast of Africa. A child has been found alive in the Airbus wreckage:

A massive rescue effort was under way Tuesday after a young child was found among the wreckage of a downed Yemeni jet off the coast of Comoros in the Indian Ocean. “One child is alive and we hope to find more,” Yemenia Airways chairman Capt. Abdulkhalek al-Kadi told CNN. The child has been taken to a hospital.

The French Navy is sending ships and a plane to help Yemeni authorities try to find any more survivors, he said. The Yemenia Airways flight went down early Tuesday, carrying 153 people en route to the island nation of Comoros from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

A reconnaissance plane spotted traces of the Airbus A310-300 in waters off the town of Mitsamiouli early Tuesday, said Comoros Vice President Idi Nadhoim. Comoros is located off the coast of east Africa, between Tanzania and Madagascar.

Al-Kadi blamed the crash on bad weather, noting that there were “high seas and windy weather” at the time. It is the second crash involving an Airbus jet in a month. On June 1, an Air France Airbus A330 crashed off Brazil while en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, France. All 228 aboard are presumed dead. The cause remains under investigation.

Thank God for the child being found alive. R.I.P. to all the passengers on both of the planes that went down this month. Pray for their families…


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  • wash ya ass

    what a lucky kid… he has a story to tell.

  • YorkieLover

    Why are they talking about this on the news!!!!!!!!!!! This is important. I’m probably gone boycott Airbus.

  • !! LoNg HaiR, ThicK & ChocOLaTe !! :) RedBone Who???


  • Mz.CW

    Thank you God for sparing this childs life……so uncommon when it comes to plane crashes!

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Yah wasn’t calling him home yet. You can survive a nuclear blast if Yah isn’t ready for you to come home yet…but then if He is..well, there’s the other 152 people for ya.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    2nd fatal crash in one month–I smell major product liability suits being filed.

  • Yezzur

    anybody ever see Unbreakable with Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis…


    @ Yezzur

    WoW. Good point


    AIRBUS should go out of business F*ck that


    better yet AIR-BUS should take the AIR and let it go and just make buses at least they will already be on land….lol

  • RIP

    This just seems too suspect for me… Airbus is actuallly known to make the most reliable planes in the world, way better than boeing. and for years they didnt have a single plane crash.. And we all know how the US feels about the french

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