Vibe Magazine Shuts its Doors

- By Bossip Staff

Vibe is going the way of many mags today – its shutting its doors. Looks like the bad economy has nixed yet another publication. Pop the lid for more

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  • wash ya ass

    first byitches

  • wash ya ass

    it wasnt black owned anyway. who cares, nobody reading magazines anymore , when we can be bloggin bs


    technology baby..the idea of paper itself is about to be obsolete

  • CandyKANNE

    Does this mean I have to pay my billed subscription? I still owe $11.95 for 12 more issues?!!!!!

    I Am really saddened by this one though, VIBE Magazine has been around for YEARS! I have ALWAYS, always subscribed to VIBE. 😦 “Gone Too Soon..”

  • l thomas

    WHAT? I heard the rumor that it might shut down, I can’t believe it. SMH.

  • Atl_Finest

    Vibe was more advertising than substance…..BYE!

  • Katlynne LaSalle

    This is really sad news. I think that blogs are taking over where the hip hop mags leave off though. In this economy, folks can’t afford to keep buying mags.

    Visit http://www.mydownlowlife.blogspot for an escape into pure hip hop fantasy as I struggle with ending my affair with a top hip hop artist.

  • sweetjones1030

    I used to collect Vibe I still have all the issues from the mid-90’s, to early 2000’s. I stopped collecting them around ’02 that’s when the music industry changed or my taste in music changed, one or the other.

  • SCSunshine

    Dearest 6AM,

    From reading the comments from this (and other posts), I can tell you hate N*gg*s. Well, there are many of us “Southerners” (smile), who hate them too. Let’s channel this anger towards the record companies, media (print and radio), etc. who really attribute to this negativity. I no longer live in SC, but when I moved to the DMV and throughout my travels (up the east coast and to the west), the “Down South” music is all I heard and continue to hear. (I can’t wait to hear Maxwell’s CD and I heard Sade was working on hers!)I certainly accept you for who you are, and in part, I agree with many of your posts. It is however, disheartening to be classified and stereotyped in a this manner. So can you work on that? For me? 🙂

    Lovingly Submitted,

    A Strong, Educated, Beautiful, and “Southern” Woman

  • http://yahoo PhatDjSwagger(rest in peace Farrah)


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