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Uber Driver Leaves Pregnant Woman Stranded

Uber is supposed to be a more accepting, discrimination free riding service…but one NYC driver saw a pregnant woman on her way to give birth, and didn’t want to risk incurring a cleaning bill should she get all her labor fluids all over his car. Via Fortune:

Instead of taking David Lee and his wife to the hospital, the Uber driver balked because the expectant mother retched on the sidewalk. He informed them he would lose $1,000 a day if Lee’s wife became sick in the car and, what’s more, told them no other driver would accept a woman in labor as a passenger.

The birthing coach explained to the driver that Lee’s wife would not be sick again, and the couple pleaded with the driver, assuring him they would pay for any cleaning for his car. Please, just take us to the hospital, they said. But the driver would not budge.

Instead, he drove away – but not before charging them $13 for his lost time. Lee and his wife in labor, along with the birthing coach, were left standing on a Manhattan sidewalk.

SMH! Thankfully the next uber that came along happily took them to the hospital, and after several complaints to the company, the family was finally refunded their $13. However, the company never apologized or helped the couple identify their driver to make a more formal complaint…



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