Michael Jackson Fans Committing Suicide As Well As Memorial Details

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Michael Jackson’s fans are going “off the wall”  right now and doing the unthinkable. Also, we have details on the Michael Jackson memorial:

Fans of MICHAEL JACKSON have been hit hard by the star’s death – 12 devotees have allegedly killed themselves following the tragic news. The King Of Pop passed away on Thursday (25Jun09) from a cardiac arrest and millions of his fans worldwide went into mourning.  But several of them found it too hard to cope and subsequently ended their own lives, according to the founder of an online Jackson fanclub.

Gary Taylor, president and owner of MJJcommunity.com, says, “I know there has been an increase (in deaths), I now believe the figure is 12. It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live.

“They (fans) can’t accept it, they feel in some sort of different reality. I’m stunned that he’s dead. One minute he is coming here for concerts and the next he is gone. I think the funeral will be where the reality kicks in that he is gone and won’t be coming back, there will be a huge depression in the fan community when that happens.”

And Jackson’s political activist pal Reverend Jesse Jackson has even recorded a message to his fans, urging them not to “self-destruct” in the wake of the singer’s demise. Jesse Jackson says, “This is a time when hearts are heavy. There is great pain but great cause to celebrate Michael’s life. It made Michael happy saying ‘We Are The World’. Don’t self-destruct. We fall down sometimes, we get back up. That’s the right thing to do. In Michael’s name let’s live together as brothers and sisters and not die apart as fools.”

Here are the new memorial details…

Fans of Michael Jackson will evidently get a chance to take part in laying the superstar to rest.

According to press reports, the singer’s family will organize a public viewing of his body at Jackson’s Neverland ranch near Santa Barbara. Citing the Santa Barbara’s Sherriff Department, E! Online says plans are underway to accommodate large crowds at the estate. “Our guys are meeting as we speak with the California Highway Patrol to discuss the security issues,” says Lt. Butch Arnoldi, a department spokesman, according to the Web site.

Killing yourself for any reason is wrong, let alone for the greatest musical icon in the world. Get it together people and pay your respects the way that man would have wanted it. Anything else is psychotic.



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  • thizzica a. fox

    pray for these ppl.

  • thizzica a. fox

    poison on jesse jackson. his recorded messages are very unneccessary. who’s paying him for his publicity services? ugh.

  • http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Weirdos…sacrificing themselves to an “idol”.

    *two thumbs down*

  • http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    I bet fools didn’t even act like this when Yashua was crucified.

    What a shameful act…and a slap in the face of The Creator who condescended to give you life.

  • Me

    That’s so sad

  • wash ya ass

    idol worshipping fools…..

  • 1st Lady

    @ wash ya ass

    YOU SAID IT!! They’re idol worshipers.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Although I disagree with the whole notion of suicide in general, I can understand why people felt such a strong connection to Michael. It’s insensitive to accuse these people of idol worshipping. No one said that they believe MJ was a god. Sometimes people lose their jobs and kill themselves from the stress or lose a family member and do the same thing. In many ways, this situation is no different.

  • Smooth Criminal

    I love Michael. Miss him very much and was much disappointed when he passed, to the point, I almost fell out. I don’t idol worship him, just enjoyed his work and a fan of his creativity. His genuiness to his craft that no other person can give. Who gives there all in a performance, this day, for the appreciation from fans, NOT JUST FOR SELF!!!! or MONEY!!!! Every performance was a gift. He wanted to give people an awesome performance. I tried to put aside his other lifes trouble and tried not to judge those things because for me, it was about his entertainment, which was really good.

  • TruE

    why would yall post an image of a very young child and suicide in the same post? REMOVE IT, PLEASE!

  • MrsL.Boose a.k.a. KaiiStar

    DANG ITS SERIOUS HUH? I cant began to think?!?! How the hell?!? uummm I love me some M.J but ummmm?
    Thats sad. I find it as disrespect to CHRIST also man?!? I dont even know what to type on this one soon the M.J h8ers will be calling him the anti-christ. man….. May God have mercy on their souls.
    I feel sorry for them its heartbreaking to know there are people who are so lost in this world. Each day thast passes I believe more and more that we are living in the final days.

  • http://llic llic

    that’s sad.ever since mj’s passing,i’d wake up feeling empty and with a heavy heart of sorrow.the whole world is in pain and mourning right now.and we need to pray for the people who comitted suicide,and for mike and his family.i loved mike,but i wouldn’t go as far as to kill myself.he wouldn’t want that.he would want us to live and keep his legacy,his music,and all his work alive.he will forever be the king of pop.and now he can get away from all the harassment and bashing people gave him over his legal problems and finally rest in peace.

  • http://N/A SAgirl

    ii’s beginning to sink in out. i was sobbing my eyes out this morning. i cnt believe he’s gone. his TRUE fans (incl. me) definitely feel a void in our hearts. R.I.P


    Well this would fall into the category of idol worship, given the fact that they view M.J. more important to them than God. So important that they selfishly take their own life. To the people who are trying to justify suicide, may God have mercy on YOUR souls. I don’t think you have to worry about people calling M.J. the Anti-Christ, their to busy giving that title to Obama, which is just as dumb.

    P.S. How would anyone equate the M.J. w/the Anti-Christ, one is dead and the other is alive and breathing.

  • lisa

    In the 70s it was different. No MTV or BET. No internet. If you wanted to see the J5 you hade to be in Front of the tv when the special would come on. or see them on Soul Train. The only info we had on their personal life was in Mags like “Right On. We were not feed every detail of a entertainers life, So they were more idolized. We knew nothing negitive about them. Today we know every little dirty detail about entertainers. Which takes away being a artist. No more imagination or dreaming or mystery about the artist. When they did come on tv we were in awe, it was a huge huge deal, all gathered around the tv. you’d wait weeks if it was announced they’d be on T.v. So it made fans more longing and excited about artist. So when I heard of Micheal death. I was in shock, but more interesting was, I felt a total loss, I did not cry but I am grieving. Through all the crap called music today J5 music was always the foundation. I have always listened to J5 and Micheal. If Iam riding in my car or cleaning house you best believe “ABC” or “PYT” is eventally gonna get played. So to many Iam sure he was someone we grew up listening and following his career good or bad. So yes it really does cause a deep hurt and loss. My heart goes out to his family. If we are truly grieving think how all his family feels. My heart is broken.

  • theGoodGood

    no I totally get the suicides.. because it’s like the world lost all it’s shine and possibility. if you see it that way, there is no reason to live.. Michael was a gentle soul ( truly, genuiinely) so to lose him is a testament to the worls killing innocence and goodness.. who wants to live in a world that doesn’t appreciate that?

  • Good Intentions

    Not surprised at all… many people were known to FAINT during his concert so of course they’ll kill themselves now that he’s dead.

  • Mrs. Foxx

    I just cant bring myself to admit that Micheal Jackson is dead… its the saddest, saddest story of my life… that is so sad… Please take care of my mama Michael…

  • andrea

    To theGoodGood,

    That’s how I feel. I feel like the music has died, honestly. I miss him.

  • Huh?

    Killing yourself over Michael Jackson? I’m sorry, but these people obviously have a lot of issues! People need to get over this. He wasn’t Jesus!

  • MJ.

    i can really understand. MJ was the only hope that a lot of ppl had. we grew up with MJ. me personally, it`s not something i wouldnt do but, trust me, i can really understand how these people are feeling. Michael was everything to a lot of ppl. this is just sad & idk if i will ever get over it.

  • MJ.

    whoops i meant it`s not something i WOULD* do. trust me i would not kill myself over Michael, no matter how much i`m hurting, he would want us to go on & live.

  • Mia

    Why do you have that picture of that little boy associated with the word suicide, you really could have used another picture.

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    Lord, Jesus, please take Your wheel

  • http://REDBONIN'ENTERTAINMENT That's The Last of The Tyrone Biggums

    Go get ya’ selves together. Entertainment tragedy shouldn’t constitute death in the commenmorative sense of MJ fans

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