Estelle feat. Kanye West: “American Boy”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is the video for Estelle feat. Kanye West “American Boy”. We love artists who aren’t afraid to step out of the box. Check it out.

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  • Vinandi


    Estelle representing London Town!! Go Girl!

  • I'm Just Me

    I am feeling it and I love Kanye West!! (just had to throw that in there!)

  • BlankCheck

    LOVED IT since the first time I heard it on the radio. It sounds a little like something from the early-mid 90’s, like something Jamiroquoi would’ve come out with. REAL MUSIC (take notes)

  • uhh.....?

    what in the blue captain crunch hell? was that terrance? omg smh. I like the song tho

  • mr mr

    estelle is the biz…lookin forward to the album…

  • Smartie

    Love love LOVE this joint.

  • Checkoutmystatus

    I Likes!!!

  • deafjam04

    I like that song and the video. Rita G needs to take notes!

  • Kai

    She’s a beautiful woman, but I don’t understand the hype?!?

  • Roni

    I like it. Too bad it won’t do as well as it should because there are no video ho’s and saggin’ baggin’ blingin’ bums in it.

  • Dizzle D

    Geesh, Kanye’s verses were as long as hers. This actually could have been Kanye feat. Estelle. But, I likes!

  • Trini Chica in BK

    I love Estelle’s sound. Love her 1st single as well. Video could have been better..seems a bit low budjet. GO ESTELLE…GO

  • fabulosity

    she looks like LisaRaye’s dark-skinned sister with all those white outfits, but the song is great. loves it!

  • elle

    i likes alot.

  • Trey

    LOVE HER…her last CD was great as well…I bought it on itunes after hearing Just A Touch (Wait A mInute)….And she sounds good live…peep her on youtube…What a refreshing new sound…she is

    Estelle = Amy Winehouse + Lauryn Hill – the crazyness and drugs!!!!!

  • Akimbo

    Cute. Sounds a lot like an uptempo Janelle Monae track.

  • megan

    my favorite song right now

  • Tiara

    I don’t get the hype?

    I’m really not feeling the song/nor production. It doesn’t have anything to do with bling-bling, video hos etc., it’s just a mediocre song w/ a lot of hype surronding it. Estelle kinda reminds me of Keri Hilson…way too much hype!

  • bree

    i soooo love this song..i thought it was Jill Scott..i can’t see the video bcuz im @ work..i will check back later

  • Jack Tripper

    @ Blank Check

    @ Joe Prop

    Jamiroquai ALL DAY EVERY DAY…Jay is that dude…unfortunately they are doing no more US concerts..last one was back in 94′ in the CHI…

    I dont what it is but the UK artist hit the mark more than the US artist..such a shame

  • NYC

    I love this song. Now it’s time for Estelle to use to some of her money and invest on a trip to the dentist. Those teeth have to go….ugh, I hate yuck mouths.

  • Grace

    @NYC…cosign on that. She need dental work bad. That messes up her entire appearance.

  • i love...'Snickers'

    LOVE it!!!!

  • Coffee break

    I love Ms. Legend and Yes she is under him. I think she’s going to cash her chips in. JL get some of that. I like the song, I love Mr. Kanye West in any video.

  • Coffee break

    OOPS my error Mr. Legend but I really like the song and the video. Look out I may pick up her musi. The song is not all that bad. OAKY!

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