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Author Latisha Robb Dishes On Her Book

Atlanta based author Latisha Robb recently chatted with BOSSIP about her hopes to educate the urban Christian community on what they’re missing out on about their spirituality.Below the speaker/”spiritual disruptor” breaks down her two books; one that details her coming of age story, and the other that she hopes will inspire spiritual awakenings.

Tell us about your background and how you got started writing.

I’m from California, I used to be in the Navy. Got out the Navy and started stripping, then I was dancing and started doing real estate. That led me to a point where I could reflect on my life and start a journal and God told me to turn that [journal] into a book and that’s how I became an author.

Is what you wrote in your journal what turned into your book “Turn On The Lights So You Can See”?

Absolutely. It was the time of my life where I learned the most about myself and what I can endure, how much I could take and how I could turn it around. It was like [turning on] light switches about the way I thought. I was homeless with four children, three of them were my stepchildren and when I left my ex-husband, I got them back. How I got them back, I talk about in the story.


It was a real hard struggle and I was like ‘I don’t know how women do it.’ As I’m writing it, God is telling me you live this life because as a stripper with a crackhead husband, if you can turn your life around somebody might be going through less than that and say, ‘okay if she went through this and made it just by thinking differently then I can too.’

Would you call this a self-help book?

Absolutely because it’s only 78 pages and it’s not an autobiography. It has light switches in there, if you change the way you think you change your life. My favorite light switch is; “You’re not blessed for what you do, you’re blessed for why you do it. Intention versus deed. People think that if they do certain things they’ll be blessed but it’s more than just the deed, it’s the intention behind it. I just think a different way, now I’m in the multi-million dollar real estate club and I’m a successful black woman.


Tell us about your other book “What You Don’t Know About Your Soul”

During my homelessness with the kids, I was on a knowledge obsession. I started learning about reincarnation and outer body experiences and things that were not taught to us on a daily basis. I thought that it was time to share with the world what I learned about our souls and maybe there’s a lot of people here struggling with the fact that they’re here on this earth and think there’s more to it than just going to work and living and dying. It’s a gateway book into learning about spirituality, totally not religious. It’s challenging people to open up their minds to what’s really out there.

What are somethings black people should know about spirituality?
We should know that we chose our lives. We chose all the drama, all the things happening to us. We chose the challenges that we have because we needed to have those experiences to have those lessons so that we can learn from them and elevate. You notice how kids who are orphaned grow up to be the biggest philanthropists because they experienced no love [in their childhood]? As souls we choose our issues here on earth so that it teaches us. We’re here for soul lessons.

How is this book different from “Turn On The Lights So You Can See”?

The first book lets you know how one person can have so many things stacked up against them and overcome in life, the second book is all spiritual. I talk about myself in the book because I wrote it but I don’t write it from a perception of my life because I say ‘this is what I learned, I need you to challenge what I’m saying and go learn it for yourself. ‘
What do you want people to learn about Latisha Robb from these books?

Latisha is just like you, I’m just someone whose turned on the lights. I’m someone who knows my soul has a purpose here. Through the way that I move and my actions is my way of trying to be an example for others.

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