Weezy Pleads Not Guilty

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Remember back in July when both Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested on the same night for ridin dirty. Well, Weezy has entered a not guilty plea to those gun charges. Little Dwayne Carter faces two felony charges and could do 3.5 yrs in prison if convicted. Here is what F. Baby had to say in regards to the more recent bus incident in Arizona:

“Me, personally, I get looked at a little differently by some of my fans and some people, period. I can’t do nothing about that. I can try. … That’s what it get looks at as, you’re just trying. So I don’t try. I just be me. It is what it is. Take it or leave it. But as far as my music, it’s done nothing to my music. Nothing could stop that. I’d have to be brain-dead to stop that. Everybody has incidents, everybody’s human. I made a mistake. I did make a mistake — a big mistake. I made a mistake with that, but things get better. I’ll get better.”

“To this day, a lot of rappers the game be coming up to me, like, ‘Yo, man, you need to be … You gotta be … .’ Don’t tell me. You don’t know what happened. You don’t know what’s going down. I had, like, 15 people on the bus. Who’s to say what’s what? But everybody puts on that black gown and becomes judges, so I’m always guilty.

“If [the police] would have stopped [the bus] that night, and I had everything under control, it wouldn’t have been nothing. I was irresponsible at that time. F— up on my part. No ifs, ands, buts about it. I don’t blame nobody but myself. I can’t blame nobody for not taking my charge. … This is my bus.”

Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for this fool to cease with all the dumb unnecessary arrests. Quit ridin around with heat and pills and yay in your whip and pick up a book. Damn.

Quote via MTV

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  • Kompton's Kutie

    Yea, Yea.

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee

    oh snap, ha ha ha @NIKKI, you go girl!

  • RL

    Ewwww! Weezy got a bad case of YUCK mouth!

  • Stringer Bell V 2.0

    Gremlin looking mofo!! I’m not impressed!!!

  • Jahpson

    Any woman on the face of this earth who thinks “that” face is attractive needs to see me about scheduling an appointment with Lasik and take a full strength head examination.


  • Jahpson

    …now if you a man on the other hand that think he is attractive..

    i guess if you can lick and stick someone’s anus, it says a lot about you.

  • http://mahoganyonthereal.wordpress.com Southern Belle 225

    BOOOOO! He is such an ugly little fart clown!

  • peacoatSWAG

    Why everybody hate weezy?

  • Checkoutmystatus

    This dude is weak and suspect. How you a ballin hit song maker and actin a fool wit ya life, BIG UPS to JAY Z!

  • Cage

    @ Getyour: Good morning to ya 🙂

    Hopefully he’ll settle down and get his bars back up… He was actually better when he was sayin “Wobbity wobbity drop drop it like it’s hot”… lmao those lyrics are terrible..

  • statim08

    He won’t learn. Lock him up.

  • NotoriousOne

    LMBAO @ Cage…

    “he’s softer than egyptian cotton”

    And you know that’s no lie cause these cats wanna FRONT like they hard but been living that cushion life after they made it big.

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Don King…

    Depending on his previous record and the amount of yay they found (personal use vs. distribution), I believe that you’re right in terms of the no jail/community service/probation sentence.

  • da darkness

    weezy got more plays than bill belacheick. but when you go you gotta go. turk coming home so it’ll be his time again. birdman got the industry on lock

  • RIP Prop Joe - Omar Oh Noooo -

    go get that mil then sugah

    after that, then you can speak on it…

  • Checkoutmystatus

    @ RIP Prop Joe-

    Fig of speach. I was on the grind in the streets of NYC for a min, then went to medical shool and and make 75k now, and not lookin back. Does this give me some privaleges to speak now on a blog site?

  • RIP Prop Joe - Omar Oh Noooo -

    now you gettin defensive….

    read the message , not the words – ‘Doc’…

  • Checkoutmystatus


    Thas wassup

    @ RIP Prop Joe-

    No hostility attached to my comment just speekin my mind. =O)

  • Jack Tripper

    WTF up with these new stories that were not hear before???

  • fyi

    I know most doctors have awful handwriting but terrible grammar? Sure “Doc”! And what doctor only makes 75k? 7+ of years of school for 75k…

    You don’t have to lie to kick it…

  • Checkoutmystatus

    @ FYI

    Radioligical Technologists’s do 4 yrs

  • Checkoutmystatus

    @RIP Prop Joe –

    No Med school didn’t teach me how to spell, that was

    my Community College,lol. I Just help ppl. Which I do very well. Find me a physician that can write Legibly and I’ll give you 100 bucks,lol.

  • Checkoutmystatus

    Wayne should stop buying crack for a day and pay Gillie his 20 bucks!






  • peacoatSWAG

    He wont see a cell. Not even for 5 minutes. And everybody on here judging him like you live your life perfect. Im wit ‘RIP Prop Joe, Everybody got self-destructive habits. Wayne’s is on a bigger scale because he has the funds to support the habit.

    P.S. Im pretty sure the coke he had was for personal use, not distribution.

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