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Amber has figured out that she has finally graduated from cheap video trick to full fledge working whore after signing her contract with Ford Modeling Agency. We love how she waxes all philosophical about her ascent from a rented side piece/jump off to a real model/actress.

Pop the top for the ridiculousness

Today was a good day.

A few weeks ago, I told Uncle Russ that I do not want to “waste my celebrity,” as my celebrity is a gift to me, my family and the world…not only for me to get ahead, but for others as well. So, I am happy to announce that I have officially signed to the Ford Agency and I am moving to NY to pursue my modeling and acting careers! I am going to be taking acting classes in NY and will pursue the dreams that I have had my entire life. Today, I feel really blessed. I can actually look @ this contract and know that I have made some progress. Proof that when you work hard, good things do happen. I know it is just a piece of paper, but to me that contract represents millions of opportunities that are now before me. Again, it is not just to help me, but so I can make a greater impact around the world. The world is only what you make it…so when you have great opportunities, use them and make your dreams come true!


Amber Rose

Seriously, what the hell does this really mean? If you f*ck your way to the top, great things will happen? SMH



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