Sit Down Hater! Kenya Moore Blasts Knifed Up Kim Fields For Her Shady ‘Beatless Brunch’ Disses

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Kenya Kim Fields
“Don’t judge lest ye be judged”–Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore Blasts Kim Fields Over Her Beatless Brunch

Remember when we told you about Kim Fields’ controversial beatless brunch where she asked her fellow RHOA stars not to wear makeup???

Well Kenya Moore is still offended by the notion even after she attended with a “beat”, and she’s calling out Kim Fields for being condescending and hinting that she thinks the ladies wear “too much makeup.”

Kenya Moore: We’ve seen Kim speak about the “group” in a negative way before. She told Phaedra that everyone had their breasts out at my Kenya Moore Hair Care launch party and she “missed class,” thereby calling us classless or trashy. She quipped before that we all looked like we were always on a red carpet and she often makes disapproving faces and comments while she is with us.

Kenya moore

I’ve had a little too much of Kim’s self-righteous behavior. Her “beatless brunch” could have been to celebrate our natural beauty, which I think all of the women have, however, when her voice message specifically stated: “We need to be reminded what make up is for,” that is when the message was no longer positive for me and more judgmental and accusatory. Translation: “You all wear too much makeup and you need to learn to wear less, because I do not approve of how you look”.

Kenya has since added that she’s a descendant of “queens” (true) and she’s calling out an “atrocious wig wearing” Kim, who apparently went under the knife herself, for encouraging women to celebrate their natural beauty.

I am a queen in more ways than one and I’m very comfortable in my own skin whether that is in red carpet makeup of none at all — flaws and all, it’s in my blood. As I stated, as ancestors of Nubian Queens such as Queen Nefertiti, I fully own who I am and will not allow another woman to make me feel lesser than. No woman should be made to feel as though another women does not approve of the way she looks whether it be her dress, makeup, hairstyle, Spanx, surgeries, etc… It’s all self-expression and to each his own. Further, Kim is the last person to tell someone how to look.

You cannot encourage anyone to celebrate their natural beauty having had multiple cosmetic procedures and while wearing atrocious wigs made of fake hair… Nothing natural about that at all. Don’t judge lest ye be judged.


That’s not all however, hit the flip to see what else Kenya Moore has to say about Kim and Kim’s response.

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Kenya also believes that Kim thinks she’s “too good for the group.”

Via BravoTV: Were you surprised that Kim didn’t want to co-produce Cynthia’s commercial?
KM: Kim believes she is too good for this group and too good to work with me. I guess she isn’t too good to need Cynthia’s check.

Kim however is unbothered. Were you surprised Kenya took offense to your beatless brunch?
KF: People will take things how they want to; you can only make your intentions and motivation clear.


What do YOU think about this Kenya Moore/Kim Fields beatless brunch debacle???

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