#Quarterblack: Jets Baller Brandon Marshall Says Cam Newton Hate Isn’t About Race

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Brandon Marshall Doesn’t Think Race Is A Factor In Public’s Dislike Of Cam Newton

As the 50th Super Bowl fast approaches there will be continued talk about lightning rod “quarterblack” Cam Newton and how his flamboyant personality and bravado rub (white) people the wrong way.

Much of the talk surrounds the color of Cam’s skin, but New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall doesn’t seem to think race is a real issue. According to his comments on the Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, he thinks it’s about something else…

“It’s a generational thing and I just stick to that,” Marshall said on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. “I don’t think it’s racial. I just think that there’s a box that we put our quarterbacks in and we say, ‘This is how you’re supposed to be. This is how Peyton Manning did it, this is how Joe Montana did it, Tom Brady, so you do it the same way.'”

Not sure how Brandon can ignore the racial component of the thing, but he seems to admire Cam for using his voice:

“I commend him because back in the day our athletes and entertainers used to be civil rights leaders. They used to speak up,” Marshall said. “But now, the business has taken over. You have these brands like Under Armour, Nike and Beats by Dre and the yogurt thing (Dannon) that he endorsed. They come in, they tell you, ‘you know what, just be a good boy, shut your mouth and collect your check.'”

“I am one of those guys that, if I have an opinion I’m going to to say it. I guess that’s why I’m on my fourth team,” Marshall added, with a smile.

Another topic often broached when talking about why Cam Newton isn’t liked is his infamous dab touchdown dance. Brandon seems to have a hard time making up his mind about that part…

“I don’t want my quarterback dancing,” Marshall said. “I’m from the old school…I want my quarterbacks to get back in the huddle and lead us.”

But then he turned right back around and complimented Newton.

“But what we have to understand is this is the new generation. This is what they’re doing next. They’re disruptive, they’re disrespectful, they don’t give a damn about any one, and I kind of like it,” Marshall said. “Go back to when he was a rookie and he said, ‘I want to be an icon.’ You want to be an icon, you can’t stay in the box, you have to get out of the box, you have to be disruptive.”

Based on these responses, we’re not sure if Brandon really rocks with Cam or not, but we can definitely say that race plays at least SOME factor in why people aren’t quick in embrace Cam. That’s why he’ll continue to #DabOnThemFolks.

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