Are Biracial Women More Likely To Identify As Multi-Racial To Receive Preferential Treatment?

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A recent study, highlighted in TIME, said that interracial women are more likely to identify as multiracial than interracial men… Lauren Davenport, professor of political science at Stanford, sifted through data from tens of thousands of incoming college freshman with muti-racial backgrounds across the country. She found that women who were multiracial were more likely to identify themselves as such. While men who were multiracial were more likely to choose one race. For children born of Black-White unions, 76 percent of the women defined themselves as multi-racial while only 64 percent of men with the same background did. The same was true for students who came from Latino-White and Asian-White unions. Interestingly enough, the TIME piece didn’t mention multiracial individuals with two parents of color…

Race Awareness: How My Three-Year-Old Figured Out She’s Brown

black man with daughter
… Like many little girls, my daughter was all about Frozen… When I picked her up early from school because she was sick, I turned on The Princess and the Frog. Cydney had seen it before and she liked it; but it wasn’t Frozen. Everything changed. Ever since she has been more and more into The Princess and the Frog. Her birthday is February 14th and everything that she asked for her birthday was Princess Tianna, Disney’s first Black princess… One day I was walking by and I was eavesdropping on my daughter playing. Dolls Tianna and Anna (from Frozen) were having a conversation. Anna introduced herself to Tianna and said “I’m from Arendalle,” which is the fictonal Scandinavian kingdom where she lives. Tianna responded “Well, there are no brown people in Arendalle…”

Azealia Banks Won’t Be Charged With Fading An LA Bouncer

Azealia Banks has a managed to duck a potential assault charge in Cali. Back in October 2015, the feisty rapper and Twitter aficionado allegedly mollywhopped a bouncer at an LA club called Break Room 86. However, footage of the incident was not enough to prove Banks was the instigator of the fade. Reports TMZ: TMZ has learned the L.A. City Attorney rejected the case for lack of evidence. As we first reported, Azealia went OFF in October on a door guy at Break Room 86. LAPD investigated, but we’re told the security footage alone was not enough. Law enforcement sources who’ve seen the video footage say it’s unclear who the aggressor was in the brawl and since the bouncer didn’t have any injuries … it would be tough to prosecute…

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