Race Matters: Sacramento Kings’ Baller Demarcus Cousins Asks “Year Of The Monkey” Shirts Be Removed For Black History Month

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Demarcus Cousins Asks That “Year Of The Monkey” Shirts Be Removed To Honor Black History Month

The calendar has aligned to bring about an interesting confluence of holiday circumstances.

While February is nationally known as Black History Month, it also coincides with Chinese New Year. While normally that isn’t a problem, 2016 has been dubbed “The Year Of The Monkey”.

You see where we’re goin’ with this…?

The NBA is all about celebrating the diversity of their game, and in that spirit, the Sacramento Kings planned to celebrate both holidays at the same damn time.

As a black man Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins wasn’t really feelin’ that. He approached the Kings operations staff prior to the game and asked them to remove the “Year Of The Monkey” t-shirts that were being placed on every seat in the arena.

During his plea, Demarcus asked television analyst Marques Johnson his opinion on celebrating “The Year Of The Monkey” on the first day of Black History Month. Johnson agreed that it was probably in poor taste. Considering the NBA’s recent history with racist azz Roger Sterling and Danny Ferry, the Kings thought it best to not light that match.

The shirts were removed and all was well.

What do you think about Demarcus’ move? Would YOU have been offended by the shirts? Do Chinese folks have a legitimate complaint when it comes to the removal of their cultural celebration?

Weigh in down in the comment section!

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  • Alice

    I think that celebrating the Year of the Monkey is not at all racist. Censoring another culture to honor a different one is not a valid solution. What would have happened if it was a White Culture asking to censor a Black Cultural Tradition because they fell on the same day? It would be unacceptable. Why is it acceptable to do this to the Asian community?

    Just because a “monkey” has been used as a racist term in past situations does not make it inherently racist. These traditions date back centuries, monkeys are living breathing animals, the chinese zodiac celebrates new years, Chinese New Year is a huge cultural event in asian communities. All of those things are being honored in celebrating chinese new year which this year is symbolized by the Monkey animal. None of those things are racist or are being used as racial slurs. Having them both happen on the same day as Black History Month beginning in no way takes away from Black History Month. In fact, how does it?

    Why should one culture be overlooked for another? Racism and bigotry doesn’t just happen to black people. Both cultures experience racism and both are equally important. Instead perhaps voice your concerns articulately rather than censor another culture. Keeping the shirts would have opened the discussion and perhaps opened people’s minds.

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