Piglet, Toya, and Kandi Celebrate New Shows

- By Bossip Staff

Tiny and Toya celebrated their new show, Tiny&Toya, and Kandi came out to celebrate her new found checks coming in from ATL Housewives. The girls look cute and in the pictures below Toya and Kandi look like bangers, but Tiny?

Pop it to take a gander…

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  • its the Foosa

    who is the chick on the left? am i 1st?

  • shunda

    She is sooooo ugly and she does look like a damn Pig

  • JB (I will be Mike Vick's Concubine)

    I actually liked Tiny and Toya’s show.

  • SGKM

    Wow, you guys should change that title. That is SOOO mean! Anywho, the southern drawl is a little hard on the ears, but the show is not that bad! :)…


  • wash ya ass


    u got a point there , but damn she cant talk worth nothing. BET promoting ebonics like a mutha

  • JB (I will be Mike Vick's Concubine)

    @ wash ya ass

    I liked it because they put all thier business out there. Like Toya and her mom. and Tiny and her family. Now Tiny’s mom is GHETTO!!!!


    At least she’s making money keeping her clothes ON!

  • JB (I will be Mike Vick's Concubine)

    @ Fed up

    I do think she has changed since she was in xscape, but hey you are right at least she got TI and I am sitting here trying to think how to get rid of my lsoer.

  • spartylicious

    She might not be all that cute in the face, but she does have a cute little shape. Everybody that’s mixed can’t come here looking like Halle Berry. I just can’t take the way she speaks. UGH!

  • JB (I will be Mike Vick's Concubine)

    @ spartylicious

    She gets it from her mama.

  • GoodKarma4Me

    LOL @ JB….amen

  • Somer

    I hate to inject skin color but Tiny is the dirtiest, nastiest, ugliest red bone I have ever seen.

  • Peptostreptococcus

    The premier wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I lived in New Orleans for 4.5 years and Toya’s N.O. drawl 🙂 didn’t bother me at all. However, Tiny’s drawl is really twangy. Besides that, on a serious note, does she have some type of speech problem? She talks like something is physically wrong with her mouth and the southern accent makes it worse (or makes it more obvious)

  • mrsmayes

    lol!! Somer you are soo mean!! lol!!

  • mrsmayes


    i thought am thinking she has a lisp..or maybe she just talks out the side of her mouth..

  • YEZER!

    @ Somer

    and you are probably an ugly and dirty crispy black chick. Lay off hating on people because the way they look I am sure you are no Halle Berry yourself.

  • mrsmayes

    how is she doing her thang? by laying on her back and screwing T.I. i hardly call that a “thang”…we all know that excape money ran out a long time ago.

  • lucky charm

    dnt care wat anyone says. tiny is butters ewwww

  • Sugar77

    Okay, I get where the defenders of Tiny’s looks are coming from, and I’m not at all trying to defend that skank, but would you be as defensive if ppl were calling Kim K. a drag queen???

  • http://bossip C.

    Hmm? A show about babymomma’s. I have to sit and wrap my brain around this for a sec… (smile) wow is all i can say

  • SexxyILove


  • YEZER!

    @ Mrsmayes

    she has a show, hood or not, she is opening a nail salon, she takes cae of her kids. She is doing her thang. Don’t get mad you laid on your back and don’t have shit. HATERS.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcstansb Man, I just don't care™

    These are classy and virtuous young women. Young girls should aspire to be immulate them.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcstansb Man, I just don't care™

    “Because people need to get off the looks kick, find out what is in someone’s heart, do they have the same moral values you have. ”

    …witcho ugly ass….

  • Facts

    damn! Tiny is not only NOT good looking, she is actually very ugly and speaks like a ghetto project roach. This is all highlighted by the fact that she poses like she thinks that she is some kind of beauty queen, when she really looks like a bulldog in high heels and a long wig.

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