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Erica Dixon’s ‘Don’t Be Scared’ Podcast Interview

Erica Dixon recently stopped by the DBS studio to chat with Danni, Jah and Janee for BOSSIP’s Don’t Be Scared podcast.

While there she dished on her Klass6 clothing line and hair as well as her new children’s book “Introducing Southern Bell.”

She also took time out to dish on her ex/baby’s father Lil Scrappy and confirmed whether or not she really has a restraining order against him.

On her restraining order against Lil Scrappy:

Jah: Does he act up like that?

Erica: Yes. […] I wouldn’t be able to get the restraining order if I didn’t have proof [that he acts up]. […] The restraining order has nothing to do with my child, it only affects me. You [Lil Scrappy] wanna get on social media and make it seem like it’s about your child. […] If he would’ve read it, it clearly states that it’s about me.

On Lil Scrappy owing her $45,000 in child support:

Erica: He been penny pinching. E-for effort.

Danni: Why does he think he doesn’t owe you that though?

Erica: It was never about the money, at one point I was like ‘get her clothes’ and he said, ‘no I’m not gonna get her clothes to be at your house. This is so petty! We have to do this together and I tried to get him to understand […] I guess he just doesn’t see it like that. Right now he feels like I get her [Emani] and that’s what counts. I know you can do so much more, I don’t get a pat on the back for being a mother. If you gon be one [a father], don’t be one part time.

Erica Dixon

On starring on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” with Lil Scrappy:

I met Lil Darryl right out of high school couple months after high school. He was Lil Darryl then. […] I feel like he started changing after he got his deal. […] When Love & Hip Hop came along we were at a space where everything was downhill for him and I’m like up here. So you leaning on me and we’re not together then but here comes Love & Hip Hop like ‘wow, what an awesome story. Y’all not together? But why does he stay with you?’ That’s just me, I’m that type of person.

Danni: You were taking care of him?

Erica: Yeah. He was like look, “we should do the show” and I had my own agenda. I wanted people to see him for who he really is, just to show that you not flawless. You got flaws too.

On Bambi:

Erica: What about Bamboo???

Danni: Didn’t she apologize to you because she felt like she took things too far?

Erica: She’s never apologized to me. I never met her, it was never like ‘hey I’m Bambi, Scrappy’s girlfriend. I’m gonna be around your daughter.’ I’m just about some real mature adult s***. I’m not that hard of a person to talk to or get along with. It’s no real beef. We both know what you did beforehand…

Danni: What did she do beforehand?

Erica: When we was engaged they were messing around. She did Kandi Koated Nights and said she was with a rapper that was engaged. At the end of the day I don’t want him [Scrappy], it’s community penis. I’m straight now.

Listen to the rest of Erica Dixon on ‘Don’t Be Scared’ below.






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