Watch Michael Jackson’s Last Dance Rehearsal On June 23rd at The LA Staples Center

- By Bossip Staff
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Michael Jackson looked frail but he looked well enough to perform. It looks like his death really was an accident.

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  • big mike wife

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    may God have mercy on his soul.

  • bobbi

    @John D… it was a rehearsal. we all know Michael shut it down for his audiences. i still can’t accept that he’s gone! RIP Michael…


    RIP MJ…

  • Istackporn

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    Rip mike
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  • Bossip

    He has such a gentle smile right at the very end.

    Love you michael!

  • Bunnz

    I saw the gentle smile at the very end….dang Mike…damn, damn, damn….someone needs to go to jail for killing him. We lost a piece of entertainment and music when he died. Wow!

  • Spewin truth

    I Love, love, love, MJ!

  • ayla

    omg, seeing this makes me even more sad… like, he looks as if he could have pulled this together…damn!!! RIP michael, u ll allways be in our hearts!!!!

  • memchee

    I think it was an accident and the doc took so long to get an ambulance ‘cuz he prob tried to clear MJ’s system of the damning evidence.

    Still, if MJ was messin’ around with potent operating room drugs he was walking on the edge of life everytime he allowed himself to be put under.

    I’m so sorry he’s gone, may he rest in peace.

  • http://nil Charmbaby

    @JD Hater you are a freak…RIP Michael he was the BEST

  • Dani

    Wow! You know he looked happy here. His face looked good you know after seeing him all covered up you would think something was really wrong with his face,but he looked good here. Wow! I can’t believe he’s gone. Love ya MJ

  • tete


  • This Long Distance Is Killing Me♫

    ya’ll got to remember he was 50 yrs old and for a 50yr old he sure can move.

    i love you michael, forever ♥

  • ann

    I thought he looked Magnificant!

  • boss me

    i felt sad looking at this especially when he gave that smile at the end

  • yaya

    …he looked fit to me….that doctor killed MJ….he was fine…all those reports saying he was frail and weak…that is a 50 year old man dancing with 20 year olds!!! HE WAS FINE…

    RIP to King of Pop

  • passion_8

    If anything MJ looked tired; his flame was extinguished too soon… i love that clip played my fav MJ song… in my opinion “they don’t care about us” proved MJ had not forgotten about his people. His show was going to be great & he still had the “it” factor!!! That doctor fugged up … i am angry though i know that some things we will never understand i pray he is with God/Jehovah and at peace… these crazy reports about him are frustrating … in his own words i think Mike would tell the media “Just Leave Me Alone!!!” … Rest in Peace you are free from the pain of this world, those who put you on a pedestal sought to tear you down yet those who respected & saw you for the talented soul you are know they are leeches!!!


    Just knowing most of his inner circle were doctors make me see just how vulnerable he was to prescriptions and surgeries. He wasn’t really moving cause an audience is what makes him turn up his juice. I love when he does what I call the holy ghost tap dance.

    @ coy: you make some good points. I am so hating the music out these days it’s so boring. I’m waiting for his new songs and I hope someone stays on top of his assets cause his money will be rolling in soon, (in his life after death)

  • bri

    that was a rehearsals so he wasn’t even giving 100% but he wasn’t sickly looking like they made it seem on tv. i hope we find out what happened to michael 😦

  • TheGoodGood

    it’s a rehearsal so he wasn’t even giving a 100%! imagine a huge crowd, lights, costume..

    this man worked hard>!!!

  • nia

    We will all miss Michael. I am still in shock with him passing, too. It really says something when we all feel the same way. His concert was probably going to be fantastic!! I love when he ran over to groove with the guitar player. Love you, Michael!!

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