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Man Claims Mistress Stole His Sperm From Storage

A Latin American singing sensation isn’t taking being caught creepin’ outside his marriage laying down. Despite fathering twin girls with a woman who is obviously his side-piece of many years…he is instead going to court to prove that they never had a sexual relationship, and insisting that she instead stole his sperm and inseminated herself as revenge for his refusal to cheat on his wife.

Yes, he’s serious.

Via MailOnline:

A famous South American singer has taken a woman to court claiming she stole his sperm after she said they had an affair and that he fathered twin girls.

Ismael Ruiz Hernández, better known to his millions of fans as Maelo Ruiz, claims he has not cheated on his wife of 21 years, and that the woman, Karla Ankara Toledo Cova, is a crazed fan.

However, the 49-year-old singer is not denying paternity, but is accusing Ms Ankara Toledo Cova of robbing a sperm bank where he had placed ‘semen deposits’ for his wife to use in case he died.

He claims he met Venezuelan bombshell Ms Ankara Toledo Cova between 2010 and 2011 when they worked together in her home country, but that their relationship was strictly business.

He claims in his legal case that he was shocked to get phone call from Ms Ankara Toledo Cova where she told him that she was in love with him.

In court papers he said: ‘I told her that this is not possible because I am a married man.’

He claims that Ms Ankara Toledo Cova had become so angry when he rejected her, that she had stolen his semen from a sperm bank in Venezuela in order to get pregnant for ‘revenge’.

All well and good — we guess — except for the fact that the mistress has a whole collection of photos like this:


She insists that the two were in a romantic and sexual relationship and . But his wife somehow actually believes him:

However the singer’s wife Janeth Perez is standing by her man and claims that he has not told a lie.

She said: ‘We have the truth on our side. I support my husband 100 per cent.

We’ve just chalked up 21 years of marriage. But as this is a trial we cannot make any statements. But I will be at his side for ever.

Man…how scared of his wife does this man have to be to make a sorry story like THIS up? And how stupid does his wife have to be to actually buy it?




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