Usher: “Am I Really My Baby’s Daddy?”

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Wow, so not only did Usher file for divorce last month but now he’s taking things a step further and seeking to establish paternity of his youngest son, Nayvid. WTF? Damn, Tameka, you really got yourself into some deep sh*t here. This soap opera is better than any mess you can find on TV.

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USHER is reportedly demanding a paternity test to confirm he is the father of his youngest son with estranged wife TAMEKA FOSTER – because the former couple’s sex life was virtually non-existent when the tot was conceived.
The R&B superstar filed for divorce last month (12Jun09), revealing he had been living apart from the stylist since July 2008 and stating that there was “no reasonable hope of reconciliation”.
According to the National Enquirer, Usher was stunned to learn Foster was pregnant last year – because the passion in their marriage had fizzled out months before little Naviyd Ely Raymond was born on 10 December (08).
A source tells the tabloid, “The first thing Usher said was, ‘How did this happen?’ – because he was gone a lot, and their sex life was very, very limited.
“People have been telling him that around the time the little boy was conceived, Tameka got together with another man.”
But Foster is adamant the boy is the Yeah! hitmaker’s, and claims the tot was conceived during a rare night of intimacy.
The insider adds, “She says that although they weren’t spending much time together, they did get together for one night of passion. And that’s when she got pregnant.”
In new court documents filed in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday (29Jun09), Foster insists the divorce came as a shock to her because they were “intimately together” just days before he began proceedings for a legal separation.
Her attorney continued, “(Foster) had every reason to believe her marriage was intact.”
Foster is seeking child support for the former couple’s two children Usher Raymond V, 19 months, and Naviyd, almost seven months, in addition to legal costs.
Usher is seeking joint custody of his kids. (MT/NE/IG)

She better hope and pray and be 1000% sure that little boy is Usher’s or else this will be the Hollyweird version of the Maury Povich show. SMH.


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  • lynn

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  • MeSexyMe

    Yes, Usher. He looks just like you, damn! Man up!

  • jandsmama

    Dang! Tameka just can’t keep those legs shut now can she. Usher knows those are his kids but I can’t blame him for wanting to get the test done.

  • john hope franklin

    isnt that a man in that gravie pic??

  • cassie

    Child please that is Usher’s baby-Tameka knew that
    if the marriage was almost over it would benefit her
    financially to have as many kids as she possibly could by Usher

  • Candy girl

    That picture is of his oldest son, not the one he doesn’t think is his.

  • mojojojo

    this is old….story came out on Monday

  • Fresh

    Looks like Usher spit him out.. Ho sit down!!!!

  • sammydaegg

    aww that baby is precious with those big pretty eyes sorry ursher but that baby look just like you

  • uh oh

    you ARE the father!

    *Tameka yells at Usher*

    Usher: “Ok, well I got a secrect for you…I’ve been seeing somebody too”

    *Out walks Ne-yo*

  • too cute

    I knew it had to be more to this quick divorce

  • MaRRieD_MoMMy

    @uh oh
    Perfect scenario!!!

  • Cynthia

    DAMN I hope so..that will be so terrible if he isn’t

  • Until.the.LIONESS.Learns.2.Speak...Tales.of.Hunting.Will.B.Weak

    @ uh oh….ahahhaah…you are SO wrong for that but still, I jumped in my office chair b/c I can really picture it! Ready to cry out “Dammmmmmmmmmmnnnnn….I KNEW IT!” lol
    But I’ve been sayin’ Navyididjd wasn’t his! Saw a pic of the baby somewhere else and he DID NOT look like Usher OR his husband!! The child looked Samoan, like one of Lisa Bonet’s kids!
    Hmm-mmm no ma’am, that’s not his! Been sayin’ that from time!

  • Mike

    All i can say is wow…Go on Maury
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  • Mrs. A

    This is not a picture of the child in question. This is a picture of his first son.

  • Benny

    This is old news. At any rate, Usher knows he’s the father of that baby. He just don’t wanna pay that child support. He should have listened to his Mama who begged him not to get married in the first place!

  • iolastar

    Usher done made it messy now…to question the paternity of the baby (if it is his) them fighting words for a woman that has just been given divorce papers and a woman who just had a baby…SMH.

  • bcan

    if i was ush i’d get a paternity test too. tameka is too old to be so fertile….for real. i could see if she was 25 and popping babies but this chic is almost 40 & they had been living a part for a 1 year

  • Mhhh Huh...

    Tameka may be a lot of things, but she does not seem stupid at all, and there is no way she would carry a baby for another man when she has money-bags, i mean usher as a husband.
    i think usher is making this up (if it is true) to reduce alimony and child support, disgusting, childish man.

  • sepiaesthetica

    Why would he disrespect his family by allowing this to become public? This is so tacky.

  • sepiaesthetica

    …IF this is true, of course…

  • Ummmmmm....

    They do say that right after you have a baby you are most fertile so that one…rare, night of passion may have produced his seed.

  • loveme

    @uh oh that is to funny LOL

  • Ms_NYC

    What is up with these dudes (Usher and Nas) lacking class and respect putting their family on blast like this…

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