They are Coming Out of the Shadows Now: Michael Jackson’s Ex-Bodyguard and Friend Talk About Drug Abuse

- By Bossip Staff

This white man up top is Michael Jackson’s former right-hand-man/ bodyguard, Uri Geller. He is trying to cash in now, but does tell a grim tale of all the people around MJ feeding him dope, including his pasty behind…Continue

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  • http://deleted John D. Hater


  • What?

    Uri Geller is not a damn bodyguard!!!

    OMG the ignorance on this site is almost unbelievable.

  • http://llic posh

    of course,he didn’t want to die.he just needed help.cause he was a drug addict and couldn’t help it.unfortunately,he listened to the wrong people and didn’t listen to the people who actually wanted to help him.he knew he needed help,but sadly he just wasn’t able to follow through with it.he really should have thought about his family,his friends,and his fans who would be devastated with his death,and most importantly himself.he could still have been alive today.but he’s resting now.we love mike,but God loves him more,so he took him KING OF POP.

  • KocaKola

    I don’t understand why celebs do those hard to die for drugs..I mean I don’t even like taking perscription meds when Im sick because u never know how your body will react. Whatever happened the old fashion mary-jane high u can never overdose.

  • 00gentle00

    @posh: I could not have said it better, although I still feel as if he wanted to die. If not permanently, temporarily through the use of painkillers and illegal substances.

  • JUDY

    Well it looks like everybody and their daddy wants to talk MJ drug abuse well its to late now. These guys should have been strong enough to stage an intervention and maybe he would still be here but instead they chose to be willfully blind.

  • charlieblanko

    Sure Can’t Koca…matter of fact, let me take my meds now…


    Kike ME – spell check

  • Luv-Lee

    There were people in Michael’s life who talked to him abut his drug problem. After the first allegations he went in for treatment for his “addiction to pain killers”. Michael made that announcement himself. Obviously his treatment did not work. šŸ˜¦


    Its a difference between pain killers and anethesia. LUV-LEE

    They found that after the police planted it. ITS A CONSPIRACY! ! !

  • Kwamane

    dayum. MJackson was hardly a saint. But here’s another Hebrew gettin in line to cop a quick buck. Howa many more are in line to rob us all blind? And then profess eternal love and admiration with a bank account full of black money?

  • ummmm

    Now that Mike is dead people still wants to make money out of him.

  • shar


    Uri Geller is not a damn bodyguard!!!

    OMG the ignorance on this site is almost unbelievable

    Well said. The Livesteez article was practically in broken English too.

  • Why are bossip writers sooo ignorant??

    uri gellar is not white; he is a jew. read a book people!

  • TheGoodGood

    we’ve seen them.. it’s hard not to side eye these two bastards.. they someone seem ingenuine

  • Mugu Yaro

    Yuri Geller is a former con artist (magician) who now thrives on his relationships with real stars. He once abandoned Michael Jackson for what he perceived to be anti-semitic lyrics. He had not spoken to Jacko in a long while…surprising how they are suddenly best of friends. He is a shameless fellow.

  • Pride

    When I look back and read all information on MJ he only hung around people out his races. I LOVE MJ but he made a poor decision here. It’s not about RACE but it seems that’s who killed him

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