Kanye West Banned Kim K From Social Media During Beef W/ Wiz And Amber

True Or False? Did Kim K Kick Kanye Out Of Their Crib And Threaten Divorce After Latest Twitter Rant?

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Kardashian’s disgust over his rant against Rose’s little son got through to him and he ordered her to help him fix the situation.

“Kim told Kanye how totally inappropriate his comments were. She really let him have it. But he is still the one who rules the marriage,” the source explained.

“So Kanye made Kim call Amber and meet with her. He wanted Kim to make up with Amber for him. He told her what she had to do, and she listened to him, of course.”

But Kardashian is worried about her reputation following West’s rant, another source told Radar. “Kim cannot stand how Kanye is going on a PR hate rant and she does think that he is really messing with her image,” the source said.

Not even married for two years, West and Kardashian bicker non-stop.

“The two are constantly fighting about that because they are both super power-hungry and rarely see eye-to-eye on how to handle criticism,” the insider continued. “Kim wants Kanye to check with her before going and spewing hateful things on his Twitter.”

Hmmm we’re not sure if we’re buying this. We saw a few other stories saying Kim has been wanting to bury the hatchet with Amber for some time now.

There is something we think Radar probably got right though:

But the first source told Radar that West’s actions in the fight are standard practice in the marriage.

“Kanye is completely in charge of what Kim does and she always follows and listens and does what he says,” said the source. “No matter what.”

She definitely has been coming off very Stepford Wife ever since they tied the knot. Do you think it will last?




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