Getting Head in the Whip

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here are some pics of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith getting all smoochie in the car on the way to a Scientology double date with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Glad they’re still going strong.  They ought to write a book on how to make those Hollyweird marriages last.

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  • da darkness


  • bree

    Well i believe will said they allow each other to cheat he be crushin on halle in his mind type stuff..idk how true that is bcuz i keep hearing rumors about them swinging

  • ladyd

    What a beautiful thing! Black love. Love period is a great blessing and obviously they know what to do that works for them. The sad thing is that most folks do not truly understand what the union of marriage should be!! I truly respect when people can truly be committed to God, their vows, and each other. Much blessings to the Smiths! Be Blessed 🙂

  • da darkness

    ….lol and not crashin it. my doggy N.O.R.E. such the classicest phrase. shouts out to the queens. get it will&jada tight girlie he is

  • ladyd

    And while I hope that they are not into swinging because that is adultery, but that there seems to be something that they have that keeps them going strong. You can see that attraction in these photos, and they say that you have to be attracted to the one you are with on all levels in order for it to last for life. Love alone can only carry you so far but there is a choice to be made to continue to be in that type of relationship.

  • ooh-ooh

    How can you say that they are going strong and you wanna know how they are making it last knowing that they believe in having a OPEN MARRIAGE. Im not talking about the sit down and talk kind but the you do you and i will do me kind.. this kind of marriage is not acceptable in the eye sight of GOD..

  • Zina {The original princess}

    They both lookin pretty beat. Jada more so than Will.


    Black Love. how beautiful. they remind me of myself and my husband, of corse they got a bit mo money.

  • Bird

    They are so freakin adorable. It really gets on my nerves.


    I dont believe their swingers wheres the proof?

  • .zoe.

    They are my all time FAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE couple! LOVE THEM!

  • candi

    that’s what i like to see. they look realling into each other and happy.

  • Flygirl


  • ewww

    where is will’s ring? And all thezse people talkin about them going strong and loveing god nee to cut the bull. First off ther are scientologist, the only god they kow is themselves and the paper. Second, they are rumored swingers. Whether that is true or not, that does not constitute for a strong marriage. If you’re gonna cheat dont get married. Anyone who thinks that sex outside of marriage is ok is an ingrate.

  • binary star

    Those pictures look totally spontaneous and natural.


  • Lisa

    I love these two!

  • http://Sandrarose Neka

    Has any body noticed they are not wearing seatbelts?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    I Luv these 2!! I don’t care what they do as long as they stay together. They always look happy and it seems real!!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    @Joey Boats

    Spoken like a true man. ya’ll a mess. lol!

  • RIP Omar Little

    It’s simple. You have two really attractive rich & talented people who REALLY LIKE & LOVE each other. You enter a marriage w/ the same terms and i’m sure you too could last as long as they have. Plus ya’ll know its been rumored that they’re swingers.

  • I'm Just Me

    @ CAGE LMFAOOO!!! You know they make these misleading headlines.

    It is good that they have been together all this time though. That is awesome and I really like them together.

  • Vinandi

    aaaah thats Black love!

    I love these too and dont give a monkeys ass about silly rumours about them!

    Looking at the pics you can see that they have genuine affection for each other and they look so comfortable together!!

  • Cage

    @ Justme: Mornin girl how u?

  • E. Junior

    …ummmm i just wanna know what kind of car that is…

  • Lovely Brown

    You can see that they sincerely like and respect each other.

    I think that can go a long way in any relationship.

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