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Beyonce boosts Red Lobster sales

Beyoncé’s New Song “Formation” Boosts Red Lobster’s Sales By 33%

The Bey s#!t hit the fan Saturday afternoon when Beyoncé Gisele Knowles-Carter dropped the blackity-blackest song of her career, “Formation”. All the pro-black, anti-police brutality, money-makin’ rhetoric aside, one of the most endearing parts of the song is Bey’s reference to the oft-debated Red Lobster.

“When he f**k me good, I take his a$$ to Red Lobster, cause I slay”

According to CNN Money, that raunchy quip resonated and reverberated so loudly that the seafood chain actually saw it’s affect on their bottom line…

The sit-down seafood restaurant got one anyway. The chain said sales were up 33% on Sunday over the previous year, thanks to a lyric in the new track that suggests using Red Lobster’s food as a reward for sex.

Red Lobster spokesperson Erica Ettori said the brand was mentioned on Twitter 42,000 times in a single hour and trended for the first time in history.

Beyoncé’s overtly political new song, called “Formation,” addresses police brutality, Hurricane Katrina and black culture in America. The former Destiny’s Child star also touches on her personal wealth and influence, saying “I might just be a black Bill Gates in the making.”

Sounds like Red Lobster owes the “Black Bill Gates” a lifetime supply of Cheddar Bay Biscuits and crab legs.

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