All That Positive Thinking You’re Doing Is Making You More Depressed

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…For many, thinking positive is an optimistic mindset sustained by positive affirmations and the general attitude that everything happens for a reason, even if that thing isn’t particularly pleasant. For others, positive thinking is a fantasy land of unrealistic goals and desires, often not backed by any real action, and it’s that type of thinking that can make you even more depressed about your current state of affairs, so says research recently published in Psychological Science. In four different studies, researchers had participants from school-aged children to adults fantasize about some aspect of the future and measured their state of mind at the time of the thinking and in a later meeting. Immediately, positive thinking about some sort of fantasy in the future relieved symptoms of depression, but in follow-up sessions the participants were actually more depressed. Gabriele Oettingen, PhD, lead author of the study, said the reason is: “These positive fantasies relax us and de-energize us. We feel accomplished in the fantasized-about future, so we don’t actually put in the work needed to achieve that future….”

Booking A Trip? Beware Of Fake Travel Sites

Woman Traveling
…In recent years, the BBB has uncovered several fake booking websites, hidden fees and corrupt business transactions, reports WTNH. In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, the BBB gives three-pointers to help you successfully plan your next trip without the risk of being scammed. Do Your Research: Research the reviews of the booking company on their site, Yelp and Google. Also, be sure to investigate where they are located and if their contact information is listed on their site. This will inform you of their business etiquette and integrity. Call The Company: Before booking your illustrious getaway, call the company to verify that real people actually work there and get a play-by-play of what you’ll be paying for, especially when booking all-inclusive trips. Pay With A Credit Card: When you pay with a credit card, you’ll be able to dispute the charges if the site or booking company is fake. Also, be sure to check the fine print for hidden fees or surcharges…

Beyoncé Launches Fund To Help The Children Of Flint

Beyonce appears in Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend
After two almost years of going virtually unrecognized in the headlines, Flint, Mich. is getting the attention desperately needed to mend the city’s water crisis. Over the last couple months recordings artists like Big Sean, Diddy, The Game have stepped forward with donations, and Beyoncé’ is the most recent celebrity to attach herself to the cause. In connection with her Formation World Tour, Bey announced her very own fund to help the people of Flint, and she’s giving fans an opportunity to donate. The Texas native has partnered with the United Way for the latest #BeyGOOD initiative benefiting the Flint Child Health and Development Fund.

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