Keyshia Cole Gives Bossip The Scoop on New Tattoo

- By Bossip Staff

When we were at the BET Awards we caught up with Keyshia Cole for a quick minute and asked her about her new tat with “Truly Blessed D. Gibson”. Keysh’s response was

“We love each other, so I figured, why not?”

We responded with a…”Why Not?” and at that point she said…”I Know exactly who you are, so please take it easy on Frankie…love the site!”

We asked again…”Why Not?” This time Keyshia returned with a “We love each other” and a very cute grin; we could do nothing but smile back… the girl is fine in person.

On that note, we would like to offer some advice to Keyshia; love hard, but don’t let that become all of you sweetie. You are strong independently.

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  • Bajan Babe

    She looks happy

  • Kim Anderson

    Aww that’s nice! She’s in love!

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    @ Matilda
    Thats Hella funny

    She desrves to be happy though:)


  • browngirlnextdoor

    That’s sweet! Do you K Cole.

  • Dr. Heather

    I am all for being happy and in love, but damn Keyshia! Why did you have to put his name on your body?!

  • thepromised1

    I agree with Dr. Heather

  • http://bossip BIG BERTHA


  • happy to be alive

    what if his name was Jackson Shytt? Would she put that on her? and of all places, the Shoulder Blade. I love little Keish….but it’s beginning to show that she is truly Frankie’s Daughter!!!!!

  • Kemsey

    I think it was a dumb move…now we see the whole clan is clueless. Love is blind. Never get anything of a man stamped on your body, not even in marriage- in the end you will have regrets. She looks happy, but ignorance is bliss. Good luck Keyshia.

  • Kemsey

    AND dude looking a little to nonchalant in the photo for me, smh.


    Im inspired… My Man Boobie Gibson pulled Keyshia coming off the bench in the Nba.

  • Rolly

    That’s some stupid shyt! there are other ways to express love than with gaudy azz tattoos all over a woman’s body. Women just don’t know how shitty it looks to have one man’s name on your neck while you are with another dude! It’s not cute and it looks like body graffiti. But I guess being d*ckmatized can have a girl doing crazed shyt! Keisha’s too cute for all that thuggery ugly.

  • in4mustpimpette

    @ Kemsey
    100% tha truth.

  • Hell Is Not Full

    People get far more foolishness tatted on them everyday. The “Truly Blessed” portion of the tattoo is much bigger than his name, so if it doesn’t work out, she can get it changed to a flower.

    Everyone doesn’t get inked up, and geeked out – so maybe he doesn’t have her name tatted on him – but so what? As long as the love is in the heart, the rest really doesn’t matter.

  • Leave a Reply

    why in God’s good name would she do that? that was a big mistake and awfully trashy!

  • Tlov

    I wish her the best but that is FOOLISH!!

  • KocaKola

    I thought she had more class than that. She won’t be able to cover it up if the relationship doesn’t last.

  • Fernand

    She should express her love, some people are romantic, it is just them. If it does not work out in the end she could remove it like Angelina Jolie did with laser.

  • bg (I'm a Viginatarian...It's a personal choice!!)

    Damn aint she got enough classless tats?

  • Leave a Reply

    @ Koca KOla
    how did you think she had more class, when her arms are covered with tats? this is right up her alley… keyshia cole and class do not go in the same clause~

  • www

    some mess. when he dumps her ass, she will be trying to get it removed or turned into a butterfly or some isht

  • truth

    bird brain this is the problem with black women no damn sense clingy we got to do better

  • sarah vaughan

    …well, it can always be removed and they have some good lasers out there!

    …to all my ladies, getting a man’s name TATTOOED ANYWHERE on YOUR BODY is NEVER a good look. not to mention having a man’s name tattooed on your body is a GUARANTEE the relationship WON’T last.

    ..we ALWAYS do too much too soon : (

  • Jewel17

    I wish this pretty young lady would stop with the tattoos. I know they are meant to be seen, but in my opinion they detract, instead of add to her beauty. But then, again, maybe she doesn’t care about that at all.

  • KocaKola

    @ Leave a Reply

    lol I’ll co-sign on that

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