Blast From the Past: Good Times Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Look at Thelma and Michael looking beyond grown at the Essence Festival in N.O. yesterday. They’re looking pretty good though. Bless their hearts, Good Times is a certified classic show that will probably be on TV forever.

Flip the script for more picturas…

Whitney Houston at the airport:


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  • Golden Goddess☀


  • jandsmama

    Damn! Damn! Damn Thelma done got big! Love them though….

  • BeThatWay

    The Militant Midget looks older than Thelma…….

  • LadyDeeDee

    wow! thelma gained some weight! Its all good though.

  • Leave a Reply

    Michael never quite grew into that schnoz… Thelma was always pretty to me…always knew she was going to be as big as a house one day…

  • bg (I'm a Viginatarian...It's a personal choice!!)

    Thelma got tittays everywhere!!! It wasnt too long ago, I saw her on a awards show and she wasnt big at all. Been on a heavy sammich regimen I suppose. She still looks good tho

  • atlcutie86

    Michael look funny as hell…that nose look like it got a mind of its DAMN! lol

    Follow me!!

  • Symone

    OMG! Look and Thelma and Michael. Thelma looks great, but the years have not been to good to Michael.

  • Ladi

    They are trying to squeeze the last bit of celebrity they can. They are charging, can you believe charging people at their appearances for their autograph! How ridiculous, and incredibly silly. We laughed at them when they announced the fee at a convention last year. I think they made 60 bucks. So sad, but it is a recession.

  • michelle

    I thought I read that Michael was dying of Aids and in a Hospice over in Africa ? ?

  • sepia830


    I thought I read that Michael was dying of Aids and in a Hospice over in Africa ? ?

    Me too. Could’ve sworn I read that in Jet Magazine years ago. He looks bad. Bernadette is still beautiful despite the weight gain.

  • JUDY

    Thelma put on a little weight but she is still pretty and Michael changed a lot too.

  • soulwoman

    Thelma still looks good.

    Mike looks the same too, just older.

    Whitney looking healthy.

    Hell, they’re charging just like alot of other celebs charge for autographs. Althetes are famous for that.

  • Jamillah

    What the hell happened? Thelma was much smaller a year ago. Leave the ham hocks and fat backs alone, Thelma. And Michael grew up to be one ugly mofo. Why is it that most tv kids grow up to be so fugly?

  • leave-it-be


  • KeepItReal

    Ok so he’s the same size, but she has gotten quite big, but it’s good to see some Black actors from back in tha day still living

  • Whatever

    I *still* loves me some Thelma!

    Good Times = CLASSIC!!!

  • Whatever

    @ DR.FUNK

    I have that Jet Magazine with a bikini clad Thelma on the cover;o)

  • Yvonne

    THAT’S LITTLE MICHAEL!!!!! Damn, he looks sickly and older than Thelma. His face looks sunk in. What happen to him???

    Thelma still looks like Thelma, heavier, but stil looking good.


    nice juggs Thelma

  • darkesthourglass

    Thelma is in her 50s in real life so she just has that middle aged spread that’s all. At least JJ isn’t in this picture. They were on the BET Awards a few years back with Janet Jackson. Janet looked as if she doesn’t keep in touch with her Good Times gang but she was looking good of course.

  • babyb

    wtf r u guys stupid micheal looks the same. he still looks good. ill bang him, hell ill even bang jj…

  • F*ck Perez Hilton

    Bernadette look like cherokee d’ ass

    Heard “michael” is HIV +

  • sepia830


    wtf r u guys stupid micheal looks the same. he still looks good. ill bang him, hell ill even bang jj…

    No, you’re the stupid one…wanting to bang an infected 70’s child star.

  • Its6amHoGetOut,, Jay-Z was the bomb last night! Deep south kill yourselves right now, that nigga even rapped to a U2 song!

    Ummm Michael looks really sick,………

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