WTF is Really Good, Grace???

- By Bossip Staff

Grace Jones performed at the Roskilde Festival 2009 in Denmark looking crazier than ever. We know our girl Grace is an effin weirdo, but sheesh.

Get more crazy squat shots and Ciara performing in Vegas when you…

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  • bg (I'm a Viginatarian...It's a personal choice!!)


  • http://blackplanet browntown

    Grace is fierce! she is still doing her thing. grace crossovered way before alot of female black artist so let her walk!

  • chaka1


  • seriously?

    wow her body is still bangin! young broads take notice

  • wash ya ass

    Lets see if Beyonce can look like that when she is Grace’s age. Grace been doing this a longtime….classic

  • LeahLeah

    *sighs* why ,lord why?

  • LeahLeah

    Who is that Tranny impersonating Ciara? Oo


  • Moreaces...Missing Mike

    Lord knows I love you Grace, But that pic, scared me into next week… At any rate, Do ya Thang Lady Grace

  • Madame

    Sasha fierce has nothing on this chick … lol …

  • noelle

    Grace Jones reminds me of my cousin Monqiue, Idk why

  • noelle

    Sh elooks really good for her age

  • Moses

    I cant tell if she is a male or female. No hate Grace Jones is really ugly and scary. She qualifies among the most 10 ugliest looking people in the world.

  • AceDoorSlave

    Y’all se her feet? She got some sho nuff donkey pushers. I would hate to see her bedroom slippers. Could use them joints for deep sea diving.

  • Bob B

    Grace Jones…simply ..the BEST !

  • Honut Sinti

    Grace brought the order first! These younguns WISH they had it going on like Grace. FIERCE!

  • Cutie

    I was wondering whatever happened to her. Girlfriend still looks good. Hasn’t aged a bit

  • darkesthourglass

    Of course she still looks good, Cutie. Black don’t crack. Love her shoes even though I wouldn’t be able to wear/walk in them.

  • ThatBKChick

    S”TRANGE”……….” YOU GO GURL….You better work it gurl”–Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy’s Boomerang)

  • Roylat

    I wonder what your brother, Bishop Noel Jones, thinks about all of this.

  • barb


  • Miss J.D.


  • Ms. LoveJones

    Wow go Grace witch yo ole azz lol!

  • zepec

    Grace Jones is perfect!(Andy Warhol)She is a singer,model,songwriter,actress and still keep notable to 61. Grace,Brazil is wainting you!!!

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