Man Jumped After He Beat Mother’s Womb to the Point of Screaming

- By Bossip Staff

A teenager in Connecticut overheard her mom yelling and moaning while her loins were getting saturated and called friends to come over, thinking her mom was being unlawfully assaulted:

A Connecticut teen heard her mother screaming during sex and assumed she was in danger and being assaulted. Instead of investigating her assumptions, she rounded up four of her friends to attack her mother’s supposed…More

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    2nd oooweegotdam

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Maybe the woman should have sent her kid off to summer camp or something before inviting a male friend over to the house. Or maybe, she should just learn to bite a pillow if it’s that good.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Or maybe, she should just, I don’t know, lock the door?

  • sepia830

    GET OFF MY MAMA!!! (I love DL Hughley)

  • Almost famous

    mama needs a life too…LMAO!!!

  • HoSitDown

    The headline needs a major grammar check.

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    who wants to hear their parents moaning and groaning. that is just disgusting.

  • LeahLeah


  • dare to be different...

    lmao…how sick

  • 'Tonio

    LMAO!! That’s messed up! Poor guy. I bet she’ll wait till her kid is gone next time she wanna get the bidness, lol!

  • Tired

    Seem like to me if it was all that…they wouldntve been charged and arrainged? Did I spell that right, Im on that lemondade LMAO!!! OK but if its all that they thought it was, whats up with the charges?

  • PrettyWhitegirl

    man white ppl are dumb…lol

  • TheCompletePackage

    I never knew what hit me.

  • Ara

    shyt …….. make me scream!!! lol

  • ..*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOhoes*..(THE WHITE GIRL SLAYER)

    i have one question for the victim……..GOTTA NUT!?

  • sepia830


    The headline needs a major grammar check.

    I thought the same thing. That sentence is f’d up. You can’t make a womb scream….or maybe I have’t met the right man yet. 🙂

  • mrob45

    Why do women bring that mess into their homes??? Why do they allow their daughters to hear and see all of those “adult” things??? We wonder why these young people make the choices they do, i.e., mature decisions (without considering consequences).

    There are somethings that children should not be exposed to. If we continue to do things without their consideration, we should not be surprised when they do things without ours.

  • ron

    Make me feel good!!!!!!!!!! Halle Berry style!

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