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- By Bossip Staff

We were inspired to write this article after meeting a couple of eclectic dudes a while back at the JazzReggae Fest at UCLA. Their booth was being sold out and their music concentrated on Afro-Latin roots, which is all but forgotten in modern music:

Listen clothing was established in August 2001 by the Revelli brothers, two enthusiastic music lovers and record collectors born in…… Peru, South America and raised in Southern California.

In 1998 Jrocc gave a mix tape to Renz, it was Madlib’s first remix of Hip Hop songs from various artist.  The mix started with a poem of The Watts Poets called LISTEN. ( Listen, Listen, hear us now, hear us now, Listen, Listen, hear us now, hear now, we ask you, now Listen)  This intro was stuck in Renzo’s head.  In the year 2000 Renzo Revelli and Ricardo Revelli openned a screen printing company.  They started printing for clothing lines, record labels, and independent artists.  While working with the music and fashion industry they met Kaboe, an artists/graphic designer from Bellflower, California.  Kaboe would always come to the shop to experiment with colors and brainstorm ideas. One day Kaboe told Renz and Rich “why don’t you guys start your own clothing line since you have all the equipment you need”.  The Revelli brothers jumped into the idea and Kaboe helped them create the logo.  By August 2001 Listen Clothing was born.  Listen Clothing announced the new collection in the second issue of the magazine JOINTZ.

Listen Clothing has always been inspired by Music, Art and Culture.  Their collection of vinyl recordings and other archives have contributed in the creation of their designs and ideology of art.  Our aim is to create extra awareness of the roots.  To keep learning while bringing to the light original art that inspires the world, for a better overstanding of who we are. Listen Clothing takes pride in every step of the journey, from the quality of their garments to the content in their images. “We remain rooted in doing what we love to do, that is our reward and response to the repetitive influence of negative impression that battle for our attention on a daily basis” Listen is Culture – Dig deep to get deeper.

These Afro-Latin cats knew more about our culture than most of our blood relatives . We commend them for their efforts and wish success upon the brothers.

Listen Clothing

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  • charlieblanko

    the kid with dreads is pure dopeness…

  • crooksncastles

    Yo I remeber seeing these cats yo, It was the god hour and I was on my science, I was like peep rich doin his thing god, They real on some roots shit, positive son, 1, dennis.


    Looks like “on stage” wear for the genre of music they come from.Could cross over into skater wear.Good luck.

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