Is Jordin Sparks’ Boyfriend Steph Jones An Exotic Dancer?

- By Bossip Staff

Steph Jones is trying to get on but things aren’t happening as quickly as planned so it looks like he’s taking up stripping to help make ends meet. Wow Jordin, hope you’re ready for the fat groupies and gay men.

Pop the lid for more pics of Jordin Sparks and Steph Jones at his b-day party in LA

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  • Tara

    who cares!

  • This Long Distance Is Killing Me♫

    thanks Tara, you took the words right outta my mouth!

  • Bob B

    4 th

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Who is he again?

  • seriously?

    jordin looks great!! what the hell is she doing?

  • Realist

    ummmm ok i was at that party and steph asked that girl in the pic to teach him a trick. yall are always trying to start stuff. at least makeup something that is realistic like in the height of his party that same girl used him as a poll then did the stanky leg on the ceiling

  • Yes Indeed

    How much is this dude payin yall to report on him

  • Journey

    lol He use to be a male dancer when he lived in Houston, TX years ago before he moved to L.A

  • kariobama

    Steph isn’t gay. He used to model and now he sings. He’s DRay Davis’s lil bro. He seems like a real nice guy. They’re cute together. Good thing Breezy was taken cause Jordin’s dad woulda tackled him and popped a cap up his arse. Good pick Jordin. Stick with the nice guys. Less fame may = less ego and a better relationship.

  • today

    Dont Sleep…….. I heard some of Steph Jones music, and It may be some of the hottest unheard stuff out there getting ready to crack….His songs arent just your typical crap you may hear on the radio….Theres some beatles,and rock influencethere too….. It may change game the way D’Angelo did RnB……….

  • sepia830

    He’s a cutie. Is that a Thriller jacket? I am soooooooooooo jealous.

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