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…Out of the 2,274 adults who participated in the survey, 47 percent claimed to be aware of infidelity on the part of a married or attached coworker. Only 19 percent of percent of participants confessed to engaging in an interoffice affair themselves. Out of those who confessed to having affairs with colleagues, 23 percent said that the infidelity either ended their own or their coworker’s marriage or long-term relationship. 14 percent reported experiencing professional consequences and career setbacks as a result of these affairs… 51 percent of adults who responded to the survey shared that they’ve crossed that line with a colleague in the past, and 27 percent of them admitted to actually getting busy in the workplace. Only 5 percent of people responded that they believe no office romances are appropriate. Are any of your married colleagues having affairs with coworkers? Does this make you uncomfortable?


Relaxing Makes Me Feel Guilty


The other day, I found myself completely alone… I decided that I would take advantage of the free time that I had to clean up. However, I had done some serious cleaning the weekend before, so straightening up took me all of twenty minutes. I then decided that I would try to get some wedding planning done. But no, that didn’t work either because I’ve pretty much done all that I can do up to this point. This happened about four or five more times with other tasks that typically consume my time before I plopped down on the sofa somewhat disturbed by the fact that I had to work this hard to figure out what I should do with a few hours of alone time. Not once did I think, “Just chill out and enjoy this time.” And then it dawned on me—I really have no chill. In fact, chilling actually makes me feel guilty…


Original Good Times Cast Launch Kickstarter For Film Project

good times james

When news that original cast of the hit 70s series Good Times was gearing up to film an original movie featuring the original cast, some might of thought it was part of some elaborate joke. However, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched by the surviving cast members in support of a movie based on the show. The show, which ran on CBS between 1974 and 1979, was a spin-off of the show, Maude, which was also a spin-off from All In The Family… In the four decades since the show has been off the air, it has lived on via syndication since. Deadline reports that the cast is putting the film together without the help or cosign ofr the original owner of the series…


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