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U.S. Marshals Make Arrests Over Student Loan Debt

Scary news for anyone out there with outstanding student loans. Apparently government resources in the form of fully outfitted and armed U.S. Marshals are being allocated to collect old loan debts — for amounts as low as $1500.

One Houston man was shocked when a SWAT Team-level sting operation hit his doorstep and carted him down to the courthouse without bothering to read him his rights, in demand that he pay a 20-year-old loan debt. And the worst part is that they plan to use this method even more in the future…

Via Complex:

As seen in Aker’s case, which is (sadly) far from unique, federal resources are being used to essentially carry out the duties one would usually attribute to a lowly debt collector. This seemingly ridiculous allowance, as noted by Rep. Gene Green, was made possible thanks to Congress just a few short years ago.

According to Green, private debt collection agencies are getting judgments against the owners of these debts (even, apparently, 29-year-old debts) secured in federal court with ease. After a judgment is secured, the agencies are apparently asking for (and being granted preposterous access to) the usage of armed U.S. marshals.

Aker, who was forced to sign a repayment plan for his 29-year-old debt, will sadly not be the last person to be arrested by armed federal agents. In fact, FOX 26 estimates that another 1500 arrest warrants are expected to be issued over unpaid federal student loans in the Houston area alone.

Yikes. If this is the new norm…how many of you can expect a team of armed officers at your door in the near future??

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