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… In a 2012 study conducted by Mandela Research, it was found that African Americans currently spend at least $49 billion on domestic travel annually. The study also revealed that 20 percent of African Americans travel internationally at least once a year despite the overall consumer rate for traveling decreasing. Despite these statistics and the spending power of Blacks, research shows that the travel industry still discriminates against Blacks based on stereotypes and stigmas. Hayleigh Redman wrote for the Tourism Students’ Virtual Conference: “Many high street travel agencies do not cater for specific African American tours; therefore there is a need for specialized agencies. These agencies cater for the needs of African Americans, which are different to the mass tourists.” Despite these facts, Black millennials are creating travel businesses and networks, making their peers rethink their #TravelGoals along with how advertisers position people of color in their advertisements…

Scientists Have Found A Cure For Jet Lag

All travelers can agree on one thing: jet lag is a b-tch! So much that scientists at Stanford University have researched ways to prevent jet lag without medication or adjusting the hours you sleep. CNN Health reports, a “team of researchers led by neurobiologist Jamie Zeitzer is working on a technique that exposes people to short flashes of light while they sleep to help them adjust more quickly to time zone changes.” The flashes of light help reset the circadian system that regulates the rhythms in the human body. It also helps establish normal sleep and wake phases. It should also be noted the circadian system coordinates with the environment through the exposure of light… To achieve this, travelers should wake up early before their trip or stay up late when they arrive at their destination. Researchers explained that if you are not exposed to enough light, your body takes three days to adjust itself to the new time zone you’re in…

LAPD Cops Charged With Sexually Assaulting Women While On Duty

A pair of LAPD officers accused of sexually assaulting women while on the job were officially charged Wednesday for the crimes committed between 2008 and 2011, as announced by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Officers James Nichols and Luis Valenzuela carried out a series of assaults and other extreme actions often while wearing the badge. As reported by KTLA, Nichols, 44, and Valenzuela, 43, were charged with counts of forcible rape, rape under the color of authority, oral copulation under the color of authority, and oral copulation by force. The District Attorney’s Office issued a statement yesterday detailing the actions prosecutors took. From the L.A. County DA: … James Nichols (dob 2/4/72) and Luis Valenzuela (5/11/72) are scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday in Department 30 at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center in case BA444092. Prosecutors will ask that bail be set at $3.83 million for Nichols and $3.76 million for Valenzuela. The case was filed on Tuesday…

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