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Alpha Phi Alpha Suspended After Death Of Allegedly Hazed Student

A 21 year old Buffalo State student named Bradley Doyley died at Buffalo General Medical Center this week after vomiting blood and being sick for several weeks.

According to the NYDailyNews, the college’s branch of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity may be responsible for his death. Witnesses say that the frat forced Doyley to “drink something toxic” as part of his hazing initiation.

After Bradley’s illness persisted and intensified, he was said to have been taken into surgery to have his stomach examined.

Buffalo police are investigating allegations that Doyley’s death may be linked to a hazing incident at an off-campus Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house.

The campus chapter of the organization has been suspended by both the college and the fraternity’s national governing body.

College officials told WKBW-ABC that Doyley was not a member of the frat and was not pledging. “He had not completed the application process with the national fraternity,” a spokesperson for the SUNY school told the station.

But students who knew Doyley told a different story.

“I was in the weight room and heard he was pledging and was made to drink some type of toxic substance,” Dametrius Brown, a member of the college football team, told the Buffalo News. “I keep hearing different stories. First it was detergent, then some said sewer water.”

We get that people like frats and sororities and whatnot, but how much pain and suffering are you really down to endure just to kick it with a couple of color-coordinated friends? SMH.

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